How can I view my students’ usernames and passwords?

I want to see my students’ usernames and passwords.


The usernames are located in their individual records and can be seen under the "All Students" tab, but because of a security feature, students' passwords are no longer visible.


May we suggest you keep track of your students’ usernames/passwords offline in a document or spreadsheet so you can refer back to them when needed.  

How to view worksheet answers for teachers and students

Teachers have the option to see correct answers in workbooks.


  1. To view answers on a worksheet, click on the menu option in the top right corner that has three lines, also known as a "hamburger" menu, and select Edit.
  2. This will open the worksheet to view how it was setup and see correct answers in green.


Students have the option to see correct answers after submitting their work if a worksheet is setup to allow this.