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Interactive worksheet Demonstratives
by arideotti

Interactive worksheet Have - Affirmative and negative
Have - Affirmative and negative
by engteachar

Interactive worksheet Han Yu Lesson 15 my room part I
Han Yu Lesson 15 my room part I
by vivchang1

Interactive worksheet Irregular verbs
Irregular verbs
by ignaciotrapero

Interactive worksheet BURUZKO KALKULOA
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet Euritan dantzan-Gatibu
Euritan dantzan-Gatibu
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet BURUZKO KALKULOA
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet Euskaharan abestia
Euskaharan abestia
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet Headway Test 7
Headway Test 7
by Larysa_Demciuc

Interactive worksheet BURUZKO KALKULUA
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet BURUZKO KALKULUA
by ganivet5

Interactive worksheet The Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense
The Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense
by JelenaK

Interactive worksheet Exam Tutor audio test (2018)
Exam Tutor audio test (2018)
by Larysa_Demciuc

Interactive worksheet First and Third Conditionals
First and Third Conditionals
by Dendelmia

Interactive worksheet Food - test
Food - test
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Nouns
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet The Past Simple Tense vs The Present Perfect Simple Tense Test 1
The Past Simple Tense vs The Present Perfect Simple Tense Test 1
by JelenaK

Interactive worksheet The Present Simple Tense vs The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense Test 1
The Present Simple Tense vs The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense Test 1
by JelenaK

Interactive worksheet Have
by engteachar

Interactive worksheet Simple Present and Present Continuous
Simple Present and Present Continuous
by engteachar

Interactive worksheet The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense Test 1
The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense Test 1
by JelenaK

Interactive worksheet How to say years
How to say years
by Minka

Interactive worksheet Dates
by Minka

Interactive worksheet Animals descriptions
Animals descriptions
by maruli

Message board

Please, could you correct it ?  by Larysa_Demciuc  4/23/2018  
Dear Victor! Thank you so much for the great effort! Headway Elementary Unit 7 needs to be corrected, in the first exercise there is a wrong ' in the answers in the negatives. Thank you in advance.
  1 answers 

ESL Printables  by engteachar  4/23/2018  
Hola Victor. No sé si ya se habrá hablado de esto anteriormente, pero me gustaría saber si podemos usar las worksheets que descargamos de ESL Printables, que no sean nuestras y transformarlas en interactivas. Obviamente son worksheets hechas por otras personas, pero que nosotros las hemos podido descargar gracias a las contribuciones que también hacemos.
  1 answers 

checking system and send worksheet  by lorenagarcia  4/19/2018  
I have two questions.
1. The checking system is 10, what if I want to change it so the maximum is 5.
2. If I added and edited a worksheet from another person, how i get the link without having students to register to the website.
  1 answers 

A veces no se guardan los ejercicios  by karmelegarcia  4/18/2018  
Hola Victor:
Últimamente ha sucedido que después de que un alumno haga un ejercicio y le aparezca el resultado, este rsultado no se le guarda al alumno en su cuaderno y a mi me aparece como que el ejercicio no se ha realizado.
¿Sabes a que puede ser debido?
  4 answers 

Worksheet not active  by JackieTimmons  4/18/2018  
My worksheet
should allow students to join pictures to their correct expressions, but the yellow pencil does not appear and my students are unable to use the worksheet.
Thank you for you help!
  2 answers 

100-question placement test is too long ???  by Larysa_Demciuc  4/18/2018  
Dear Victor, I am loving the way you run this fabulous resource! Still, I am feeling really miserable as my students can't use Focus Placement test as the cite doesn't grade the test and doesn't save the work done. It is really frustrating for students. It seems that it can only process 40 questions but it still doesn't grade it.
Can I split my test into parts with some copy-paste technology, so that I don't have to spend another 3 hours on it?
Thank you in advance,
  2 answers 

Can Add Join with arrows  by maruli  4/17/2018  
I've been trying to upload a worksheet, but the activity " join with arrows doesn't seem to work.
I put "join: 1 .... but when I save the WS. The yellow pencil doesn't appear .

thanks in advance
  3 answers 

Please Help!  by tundepasztor  4/17/2018  
Dear Victor! I am really grateful for you work, It is a huge amount of help for me. I have no timefor preparing interactive exercises and I have a lot of lessons a week. Please, help me how can my students senf their works to me. Thanks forward, Tunde
  6 answers 

selected students  by frances  4/15/2018  
Victor, How can I add exercises to selected students? In this new version I'm still a bit lost!!!Thanks for all your patience and help!!
  1 answers 

mrs ale teixe  by aleteixe  4/11/2018  
victor is there any material that can be downloaded and use it at school without internet connection ?
  1 answers 

New checking options  by victor  4/10/2018  
I've just added checking options to the interactive workbooks.
Now it is possible to change these options:
Ignore punctuation marks (not ignored by default)
Ignore capital letters (ignored by default)
Ignore accents (not ignored by default)

There options can be changed for the whole workbook or individual pages.
  2 answers 

Nuevas opciones de comprobación  by victor  4/10/2018  
Acabo de añadir nuevas opciones de comprobación a los cuadernos interactivos.
Ahora es posible activar o desactivar estas opciones:
Ignorar signos de puntuación (no ignorados por defecto)
Ignorar letras mayúsculas (ignoradas por defecto)
Ignorar acentos (no ignorados por defecto)

Estas opciones se pueden cambiar tanto para el cuaderno completo como para una página en concreto.
  1 answers 

Copies from textbooks.  by karagozian  4/8/2018  
I am sorry again dear Victor that I have to bother you again. Have a look at ferancieta 's account. Several wss are obviously copies from textbooks.
  1 answers 

Fichas guardadas.  by englishsafalleida  4/7/2018  
Buenos días. Cuando accedo a mi buzón correo, encuentro las respuestas de mis alumnos. ¿Hay alguna manera de poder guardarlas? ¿Cuándo se eliminan, es a los 15 días? Muchas gracias.
  2 answers 

Saludos y otra pregunta  by GioPeniche  4/6/2018  
Hola Victor.

Muchas gracias por responder cada una de nuestras dudas, realmente nos ayuda a entender como utilizar mejor esta excelente herramienta. Ahora también quisiera saber por que cuando elijo trabajar con notas sin decimales, al pulsar ver resultados del grupo me muestra la nota con decimales, ¿Hay alguna forma para hacer que coincidan; es decir, que al ver los resultados grupales me aparezcan sin decimales tal cual le aparecen a mis estudiantes?

De antemano Gracias.
  2 answers 

two options for answera  by francesmbb  4/4/2018  
Hi! When I make my worksheet, how can I allow two options for the correct answer. For example: if I ask students to complete with verb to be and I want to allow the option " is not and isn't" Thanks for all your help. Frances
  1 answers 

Resolver duda.  by GioPeniche  4/4/2018  
Hola Victor, saludos.

Quisiera saber si con la nueva versión de cuadernos puedo hacer trabajo diferenciado con los alumnos; es decir, en la versión anterior era posible cargar un taller exclusivo para uno o solo unos pocos alumnos de un mismo grupo pero ahora veo que solo puedo cargar talleres para todo el grupo sin hacer distinciones de alumnos dentro de un mismo libro de trabajo. ¿ya no es posible la opción con la nueva versión?.

  1 answers 

Latest contributions  by jecika  3/30/2018  
Hi Victor ... is there a way of seeing latest contributions other than the ones we can see on the homepage?
Thanks in advance
  2 answers 

Are COPIES allowed ???  by karagozian  3/29/2018  
Are copies from books allowed ? I don't think so. Well, have a look at magczarnecka. There is at least one if not more. Still no reporting system ???? for copying and cheating ???
  1 answers 

repeat exercise  by francesmbb  3/28/2018  
Another question!!! If I want to remove the students answers so they do it again, What do I have to do? Because I click on the repeat exercise icon and nothing happens!! Last year you had the "remove answers " option and I can't find it. Thanks!!
  2 answers 

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