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word search  by pcharnley  7/21/2019  
In a word search, is there some way to choose a word inside a word? For example, search for words pencil, sharpener, pen - pen could be found in both words. I don't see an option to choose a word within a word. Thank you. I am a teacher but also in school teaching other teachers how to use your product!
Training organisation  by Fiona47  7/20/2019  
I work as an independent trainer, teaching English in different companies. I am also employed by an association as an evening class teacher for adults. I'd like to know how I can give my students access to online workbooks. Perhaps there's a way the training organisation I work with can register?
How are worksheets graded?  by hennemat  7/17/2019  
Hi - I just started using LiveWorksheets - I don't understand the grading? Is the big red number on the worksheet how many responses were wrong? The number does not correspond to the red/green markings on the answer after graded....
About deleted classes  by karakid  7/12/2019  
I deleted a class accidentally. How can I bring it back?
Worksheet preparation  by Zunaira  7/9/2019  
Can i make urdu worksheets for students? will it be interactive?
Please help me how to make interactive worksheet. I am little bit confused .
Student registration  by Zunaira  7/9/2019  
Hi, When a student register using a keycode , How will i approve his account?
Grading options   by KStaniek  7/8/2019  
Can I change grading options using points?
Private worksheets   by KStaniek  7/8/2019  
My private worksheet generates ID number. How can I use it to assign this worksheet to certain students as a test.
work sheet   by Amirmehmd  7/8/2019  

Hope this email finds you in the good health. Firstly, I would like to appreciate the work of Live worksheets, its exemplary work indeed.

That being so, I would like to introduce eLearn project, eLearn is a government funded non-profit and non- commercial project that works to provide solutions that can help improving student learning outcomes for public school students and general public at large in both urban and rural distant areas of the Pakistan. eLearn aims to provide better learning experience by providing access to learning and assessment resources – anywhere, anytime.

For this purpose, eLearn developed digital content for K12 (science and Math’s) and would like to collaborate with Live worksheets for the said purpose. As your content falls in the creative common category we have augmented it in our online content for Grade 1, whereas eLearn also provide content in the offline mode in memory cards in the distant areas with low connectivity. So we would like to collaborate and use your offline simulations in the memory cards, all the rights and credit will be given to your organization for the offline and online content.
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