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Interactive worksheet Birds
by janinewilliams

Interactive worksheet Learning Technology: Clicking and Dragging
Learning Technology: Clicking and Dragging
by gbenetatos

Interactive worksheet Grammar
by Mailis

Interactive worksheet Have got
Have got
by Mailis

Interactive worksheet Εξισωσεις - Ποσοστα -Ρητοι
Εξισωσεις - Ποσοστα -Ρητοι
by Rita_Angelou

Interactive worksheet Atzizkiak (izen abstraktuak)
Atzizkiak (izen abstraktuak)
by cesarcalzada

Interactive worksheet Past simple. Regular verbs.
Past simple. Regular verbs.
by David4

Interactive worksheet Comunidades Autónomas España
Comunidades Autónomas España
by Charlyvily

Interactive worksheet Match the picture
Match the picture
by slakshme

Interactive worksheet MKT eta ZKH
by joxeamenabar

Interactive worksheet Ortografía
by davidcorujo

Interactive worksheet Subordinada adjetiva. Antecedente
Subordinada adjetiva. Antecedente
by ipradana

Interactive worksheet Subordinada adjetiva. Con y sin antecedente
Subordinada adjetiva. Con y sin antecedente
by ipradana

Interactive worksheet Subordinada adjetiva. Clases
Subordinada adjetiva. Clases
by ipradana

Interactive worksheet Oración subordinada adjetiva. Identificar 2
Oración subordinada adjetiva. Identificar 2
by ipradana

Interactive worksheet Subordinada adjetiva. Identificar
Subordinada adjetiva. Identificar
by ipradana

Interactive worksheet Simple Present Tense
Simple Present Tense
by Barjinder

Interactive worksheet Irregular Verbs
Irregular Verbs
by Moya_zerkan

Interactive worksheet Irregular Verbs
Irregular Verbs
by Moya_zerkan

Interactive worksheet Irregular Verbs
Irregular Verbs
by Moya_zerkan

Interactive worksheet Make or do?
Make or do?
by victor

Interactive worksheet Living things
Living things
by jherreraurbina

Interactive worksheet Listen and match. Appearance
Listen and match. Appearance
by David4

Interactive worksheet Listen and choose. Appearance
Listen and choose. Appearance
by David4

Message board

BIG THANK YOU  by englishbutterflies  2/20/2018  
Hi Victor!
I just wanted to say that this webpage is GREAT! My students love it!!!!!!!! Me too!!!! We are fans of englishexercises too, but this one is much more fun.
Thank you for the big work!!!! Wonderful resource!! :)

Workbook  by mlmartinez  2/19/2018  
I created a workbook and added two pages that showed up fine. Then I added another worksheet and now the workbook won't open at all. It just continues to load. This happens when I login as a teacher and when a student logs in. Do you know what the problem might be?
  2 answers 

How to see students grade scores  by cd114707  2/19/2018  
Dear Victor.
I came across your website and was very impressed. I am getting ready to try it with my students.
I tried it as a student and was able to see the score as a student, but when I login as a teacher, I am not able to see it. Am I supposed to see it in "My mailbox"?
  2 answers 

How to change the "time left" box!   by Mailis  2/18/2018  
Hi Victor!
I assigned homework to my students but I forgot to change the "time left" box! How can I change it to an already assigned homework?
Thank you for your help.
  1 answers 

New workbooks system  by victor  2/14/2018  
Dear friends,

I've just finished the new workbooks system that I've been developing during the last months, taking into account all your suggestions and comments.
Here you can see the improvements and update your account to the new system:
You can also see the new video tutorial here:

You must take into account that if you switch your account to the new system, all your previous workbooks will be lost.

I've also included some "paid subscriptions" with extended limits (students, workbooks, private worksheets...), and a "school subscription" which can be useful when there are multiple teachers using this site in the same school.
You can see them here:
(These subscriptions only work with the new workbooks system)

I hope you like the new changes, and I'll be grateful if you tell me any problem or suggestion.

  3 answers 

Nuevos cuadernos interactivos  by victor  2/14/2018  
Hola a todos,

Hoy por fin he puesto en marcha el nuevo sistema de cuadernos interactivos que he estado preparando durante los últimos meses, teniendo en cuenta las sugerencias y comentarios que me habéis enviado.
En este enlace podéis ver las mejoras realizadas y actualizar vuestra cuenta al nuevo sistema:
También podéis ver el video tutorial de los nuevos cuadernos aquí:

Hay que tener en cuenta que si optais por cambiar al nuevo sistema perderéis todos los cuadernos que tenéis actualmente, ya que no me ha sido posible convertir los datos de un sistema a otro.

También he añadido unas nuevas suscripciones de pago que permiten aumentar los límites de alumnos, cuadernos y fichas privadas, así como una cuenta especial para centros educativos.
Podéis verlas aquí:
(solamente aplicables con el nuevo sistema de cuadernos)

Espero que os gusten los cambios realizados, y como siempre agradeceré que me comentéis cualquier problema o sugerencia.


  1 answers 

Correct answer   by Mailis  2/10/2018  
Hi Victor, thank you so much for this site it is AMAZING!!! I also love the last updates! My question is: after the students have done the worksheet and got their mark, can they see the correct answer somehow? Thank you in advance,

  1 answers 

¡Amazing great choice!  by GioPeniche  2/10/2018  
since i discovered this website i 've been really excited. it's just amazing. Thanks Victor.
Ahh I would just like to know if we could register more than a hundred students on it.
God bless you!
  1 answers 

New website menu  by victor  2/8/2018  
Dear users,

As you can see, I've changed the main menu at the top of the website. Now there are four main categories that you can click to drop down and get more options:
"Make interactive worksheets": Click here to see the tutorial or start making interactive worksheets.
"Make interactive workbooks": Click here to see the tutorial or start making interactive workbooks for your students.
"Students access": now the students have to click here to enter their interactive workbooks.
"Teachers access": click here to log in or register.

Once you are logged in, the last menu will show your username, and you can click there to access all your options: your worksheets, your students, your workbooks, your mail box (worksheets sent to your email), your favourite worksheets, your followed users, your notifications, your account and log out.

I hope you like it!!

Estimados usuarios,

Como podéis ver, acabo de cambiar el menú principal de la página. Ahora hay cuatro categorías principales en las que podéis pinchar para que se desplieguen el resto de opciones:
"Crear fichas interactivas": clic aquí para ver el tutorial o para empezar a crear fichas interactivas.
"Crear cuadernos interactivos": clic aquí para ver el tutorial o para empezar a crear cuadernos interactivos.
"Acceso alumnos": aquí han de pinchar los alumnos para acceder a sus cuadernos interactivos.
"Acceso profesores": clic aquí para acceder o registrarse.

Una vez identificados, el último menú mostrará vuestro nombre de usuario, y podéis hacer clic para acceder a todas vuestras opciones: vuestras fichas, vuestros alumnos, vuestros cuadernos, vuestro buzón (fichas enviadas a vuestro email), vuestras fichas favoritas, usuarios que estáis siguiendo, notificaciones, vuestra cuenta y "salir".

¡¡Espero que os guste!!

  3 answers 

Favourites  by gaetanecribier  1/23/2018  
I would like to know where I can find a worksheet I've favourited?
Thank you
  1 answers 

How to find a user by name?  by kohai  1/16/2018  
I wonder if it's possible to find a user (=worksheets by user's name) if I haven't favourited or followed the user before.

BTW, Happy New Year, Victor! It's still new, isn't it?;)
  3 answers 

Share Option  by meryn21  1/11/2018  
Hi, as I have been working on my worksheet, i have said no to the shared option until I have finished. I have 3 worksheets ready now but Shared = No. How can i change this to yes once I know the worksheets are ok?
  1 answers 

SERVER MIGRATION  by victor  12/16/2017  
The server migration took more hours than I expected, but finally the website is running again.
I think everything is OK, but if you encounter any error in the website, please tell me.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE  by victor  12/15/2017  
Dear users,
Tomorrow saturday in the morning (around 10:00h Spanish hour) I'll disconnect the website for a few hours in order to move it to a better web server.
I strongly recommend not to start making any worksheet tomorrow morning, because all your data could be lost.
I hope this disconnection will only take a few hours.

Estimados usuarios,
Mañana sábado por la mañana (sobre las 10 hora española) desconectaré la web por unas horas para trasladarla a un servidor web mejor.
Recomiendo no comenzar ninguna ficha mañana por la mañana, puesto que todos los datos podrían perderse.
Espero que esta desconexión solamente dure unas horas.

COMMENT  by borisguerra  12/13/2017  
Hello, since I discovered this tool I´ve been using it more frequently and improving the worksheets as well, my students are enjoying using them, so tks a lot.
  1 answers 

End of term  by francesmbb  12/6/2017  
Firstly, I'd like to thank you for this wonderful resourse. It's been great and my students love it.
Now we have finished school and I want to keep my students because I have them again but I want to remove their worksheet. How can I do it?
  2 answers 

Connect to Google Classroom  by zingwife  12/5/2017  
Wow would this rock if it could connect to Google Classroom! Entering each student name, group, Login, Password gets tedious, but if it were able to "talk" to Google! WOW! I hope that's a possible update.
  1 answers 

Correction  by TeacherDiana  12/2/2017  
Hi, thanks again for a wonderful resource you've made available.

Is there any way students can have the opportunity to correct their errors and/or show the correct answers? I know of a website that gives them the opportunity to correct the mistakes and will only turn the answers green once correct.

Also, the 10/10 thing is random, especially if you say, have 15 questions. Is there any possibility of adding an option in the worksheet making phase, that asks you to specify the number of questions in the worksheet and can give a score according to this?

Just a mere suggestion.

Keep up the good work and many kind regards
  2 answers 

Number of students  by zugarplum  11/25/2017  
Excelent website, easy to manage for teachers and students, I just hope one day there to be no limit for students, I have numerous groups and I wish to use the students list to keep record of my 400 students
  2 answers 

a question  by albaciria  11/18/2017  
Hi Victor and all,

Just a question, iis this website connected to My students are already registered in the former one and I do not know if I can use some worksheets form here. thanks for these websites!they really worth it.
  1 answers 

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