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Interactive worksheet Household chores
Household chores
by victor
Interactive worksheet Daily Routines
Daily Routines
by GenR
Interactive worksheet A day in my life
A day in my life
by victor
Interactive worksheet Telling the time
Telling the time
by Teacheraliof
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Passive voice
by lilianarota
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English Week 1 - Comprehension
by kathrineapua
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by kathrineapua
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English - Punctuation
by kathrineapua
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Present perfect tense
by borisguerra
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Parts of the house
by Leohanny
Interactive worksheet PHRASAL VERBS:break
by lilianarota
Interactive worksheet Possessive adjectives, a-an, some, any
Possessive adjectives, a-an, some, any
by Dannika
Interactive worksheet On the phone
On the phone
by anicapetkoska
Interactive worksheet Pushes and Pulls
Pushes and Pulls
by Ummehani
Interactive worksheet Future forms
Future forms
by Mary_Snicket
Interactive worksheet Suffixes
by lilianarota
Interactive worksheet Phrasal verbs: get
Phrasal verbs: get
by lilianarota
Interactive worksheet Bring and take
Bring and take
by lilianarota
Interactive worksheet Spelling Words Week 1
Spelling Words Week 1
by Ummehani
Interactive worksheet Fruits
by KateBasova
Interactive worksheet Telling the time
Telling the time
by Teacheraliof
Interactive worksheet Simple Present Quiz
Simple Present Quiz
by dlg_315
Interactive worksheet Conditionals
by lilianarota
Interactive worksheet Phrasal Verbs: PUT
Phrasal Verbs: PUT
by lilianarota


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Hi  by Tripti  4/18/2019  
Request all the Grade 5 teachers connect with me.
subscription  by bjan1  4/16/2019  
Hello, Voctor
I would like other teachers from our school to join in. So I would like a free trial for these last two months of school. Is it possible to have a break for two months after that and really start using this site properly with the next school year - at the end of August. Thank you.
Spelling Words  by Ummehani  4/15/2019  
Hi Victor, I am creating a worksheet for Spelling words. Some times I can listen the sound but some times no. Why?
TRUE or FALSE buttons  by ogonzalez  4/14/2019  
I'm attempting to create a TRUE or FALSE buttons. I want to show the words TRUE/FALSE on the buttons; alas, I can't figure it out by looking at others' activities. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
CODE  by PatriciafromMX  4/13/2019  
Where do I get my teacher's key code?
NEW OPTION: check boxes  by victor  4/10/2019  
I've just added a new option: check boxes.

This is one of the first options that we could expect in this website, but we had a similar one: "select:yes" - "select:no"

In order to add checkboxes, just draw a box and enter "tick:yes" (before the right answers" or "tick:no" (before the wrong answers)

You don't need to make a small square. It is easier to make a rectangle. Anyway, the check box will always be square.

You can see an example in the worksheet 18715 (enter this number in the search box at the top of the page)

I hope you like it!

Nueva opción: casillas de selección  by victor  4/10/2019  
Como casillas de selección me refiero a esos cuadritos en los que hacemos tick para seleccionar una respuesta. Es una de las primeras opciones que esperaríamos encontrar en una web como esta, pero se ha demorado bastante porque existe una opción similar ("select:yes" - "select:no")

Para hacer casillas de selección, basta con dibujar el recuadro e introducir "tick:yes" ante las respuestas correctas y "tick:no" ante las incorrectas.
Aunque hagamos el recuadro rectangular (para escribir mejor), la casilla de selección siempre tendrá forma cuadrada, siendo la altura la que define el tamaño final.

Se puede ver un ejemplo en la ficha 18715 (buscar en el buscador)

Espero que os guste!

a listening exercise  by bjan1  4/8/2019  
Hello Victor,
Is there a lmit to the length of a listening exercise?
NEW OPTIONS FOR TIME LIMIT  by victor  4/8/2019  
Hello everybody,

Today I introduce a new option which has been asked repeated times.

When we assign a page as homework, we can choose what we want to happen if the students don't finish the page before the time limit:

Allow students to do the exercise after time limit
Mark page as "not handed in", but allow students to do it later.
Mark page as "not handed in" and don't allow students to do it later.
Mark page with a 0, but allow students to repeat the page later.
Mark page with a 0, and don't allow students to repeat the page later.

I hope you like it.


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