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Inquiry by HermanaLg  by HnaLinabeth  7/16/2018  
Hola Sir Victor,
Congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for this great work and I am happy for I was able to encounter this link/web for my Students purposes.
It' s my 3rd week that I tried to use it for my Students Homework and so far they are enthusiastic to do their activities at home.
It's great, now I can save ink and paper for my activities.
However, I have questions which we encountered in the process.
1. For an Activity # 2 ( The Plurals of Noun by you (Victor). The choices for answers are written in capital letters, but when it used for an answer, they got zero because according to the given
Correct Answer it can be written in small letters except for the first letter? It' s confusing.
2. One student got 10 but it appears 0 as his score, WHY?
Thanks and God bless you.

  2 answers 

Private Tutor  by anatavner  6/20/2018  
How can I register my private students?I don't work at school. I only tutor privately.
  1 answers 

dudas  by LauraLaFa  5/31/2018  
Hola Victor. la pagina me encanta, tiene muchas posibilidades.
¿hay alguna possibilidad que el alumno en pueda introduir en el cuadro de respuesta una imagen, o inserta un grafico de excel?

Si se pudiera es la il·lusion de mis fichas.
  2 answers 

Copying from another member  by estherlee76  5/29/2018  
Hi Victor,
Today there is a worksheet posted that obviously was taken from Philip R's format. What shoudl we do about that?
  2 answers 

código de la escuela  by Silvina_Juarez  5/28/2018  
buenas! Hace tiempo que sigo que sigo esta página, pero ahora me gustaría usarla con mis alumnos. Ya hice dos worksheets. Yo me registré, pero ahora no se cómo hacer para que mis alumnos ingresen. me pide código de la escuela. y no entiendo. Mi escuela tiene que ingresar a la página? o yo sola puedo hacerlo? en que parte se hace completa ese paso? no se cómo hacer para que mis alumnos ingresen para realizar las actividades. si alguien me puede ayudar con esto, le agradecería muchísimo.
  2 answers 

Gracias de corazón   by lanubedelprofe  5/26/2018  
Un millón de gracias por esta página y por tu dedicación. Las facilidades de acceso y posibilidades de trabajo autónomo que nos das aquí me permiten ayudar a mis alumnos con discapacidad y sin ella. Pero sobre todo una ayuda inestimable para tratar la diversidad y facilitar el aprendizaje. Muchas gracias.
  1 answers 

Gracias!!  by lourdesulloque  5/26/2018  
Querido Victor, millón de gracias por crear esta página tan maravillosa y entretenida para nuestros alumnos (y por supuesto para nosotros los docentes también), hace años estoy suscripta a la página pero ahora es cuando he comenzado a usarla, muchas dudas pero de a poco aprendiendo. Gracias, genio!! saludos desde Argentina
  2 answers 

New Class  by michelle1528  5/16/2018  

MP3 file  by ab25  5/13/2018  
Dear Victor,
I added a worksheet in my workbook but the mp3 file didn't work (I don't know why). Since it wasn't my worksheet, I decided to create a new mp3 file and tried to add it on the worksheet. I wrote "playmp3:" but then I couldn't add the mp3 because there wasn't any window asking me to upload my file. I tried to log out and in or refresh the page, but it's still not working. Do you know why?
  1 answers 

MP3 FILE  by Cristhyanv  5/11/2018  
I just made my first worksheet using a mp3 file and it works well, but when I add this worksheet to a workbook the mp3 file just can't be played, Can you help me Victor?
  3 answers 

let's try to spend less time on technical details!  by Larysa_Demciuc  5/8/2018  
Dear Victor,
I can't express the gratitude that I have to the heart of this wonderful resource! I tank you again and want to suggest some things that I would really like to use here.
Can we copy all the boxes on the page by some combination of keys? I have two mistakes in my worksheet and I want to fix them but I can't change background if I have saved it even once. What can I do?
Can we have some ready made templates where a certain type of exercises are present? It will really boost the productivity.
Thank you in advance!
  2 answers 

New worksheets  by engteachar  5/8/2018  
Hello Victor,
Is there a way to know which worksheets have been done recently? Because I check my students' homework, but then I have to go through most of the worksheets again if one of them does the homework later.
Thanks a lot!
  1 answers 

Tamaño fichas  by Jeminco  5/8/2018  
Hola Víctor.
En primer lugar, mi más sincera enhorabuena por esta opción alternativa para trabajar/aprender, es increíble.

Quería preguntarte si es posible que las fichas, a la hora de realizarlas los [email protected], se puedan alejar, es decir, disminuir el zoom, ya que a veces, si es un ejercicio de arrastrar, puede resultar incómodo.
Quizás se pueda hacer ya y no sé cómo.

Un saludo y muchas gracias!
  2 answers 

11/10  by kohai  5/8/2018  
This made me smile today! Is it possible to get 12/10, etc.? Have a nice day, dear Victor and everybody!;)
  2 answers 

Hello  by Christiana_Bamidele  5/8/2018  
Hello everyone!
  1 answers 

Open-Answer Questions  by up2you  5/8/2018  
Would it be possible to have my students recording their voices in an Open-Answer Question ?
Thank you !
  2 answers 

help needed  by akoyad  5/1/2018  
Hello, and first let me tell you an enormous thank you for all your work and dedication, Victor! Today I'm afraid I'm stuck with one of my workbook: Once the worksheets with sound are in my workbook ( 6e mai), they don't seem to be working and the dialogue can't be heard. What should I do, please?
thanks a lot for your help.
  2 answers 

Borrar fichas ya finalizadas de un estudiante  by mpassols  5/1/2018  
Me gustaría saber si es posible "borrar", es decir, eliminar fichas asignadas a un estudiante, y cómo hacerlo. Gracias
  4 answers 

Magnet and Force  by Ummehani  4/29/2018  
any workbook on science magnet topic.

100 REGISTERED STUDENTS LIMIT  by monsolma  4/28/2018  
Hi there! I just discovered this webpage and I LOVE IT!!!! Where have you been all this time?? Just one question, why is there a limit of 100 students registered? I work as a teacher of English as a second language in a very big school and I have more tan 100 students.... and I can't choose to register only 100 of them...
  1 answers 

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