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Interactive worksheet Seven continents words
Seven continents words
by limian225

Interactive worksheet Consonant s z
Consonant s z
by Yvonne_Chen

Interactive worksheet Letter LayOut
Letter LayOut
by Lee07

Interactive worksheet Vocab practice
Vocab practice
by Lee07

Interactive worksheet Vocabulario de la casa
Vocabulario de la casa
by SraBaus

Interactive worksheet Berrikusketa 7
Berrikusketa 7
by garaitz

Interactive worksheet Los Mayas
Los Mayas
by eve123

Interactive worksheet How many are there ...?
How many are there ...?
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Herencia pueblos precolombinos.
Herencia pueblos precolombinos.
by eve123

Interactive worksheet Fernbeziehung
by Dinnaria

Interactive worksheet Los Incas
Los Incas
by eve123

Interactive worksheet Los Aztecas
Los Aztecas
by eve123

Interactive worksheet Pediatric cases
Pediatric cases
by Cristhyanv

Interactive worksheet Personal pronouns
Personal pronouns
by JorgeMurcia

Interactive worksheet Make a diagnosis
Make a diagnosis
by Cristhyanv

Interactive worksheet Present Simple - Present Continuous
Present Simple - Present Continuous
by rafaelcostael

Interactive worksheet Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car
Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car
by e4school

Interactive worksheet Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car, part 3
Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car, part 3
by e4school

Interactive worksheet Fill ups- Montha of a year
Fill ups- Montha of a year
by Neenu

Interactive worksheet Days of week- Fll ups
Days of week- Fll ups
by Neenu

Interactive worksheet Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car, part 2
Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car, part 2
by e4school

Interactive worksheet Questionare-Months of a year
Questionare-Months of a year
by Neenu

Interactive worksheet Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car
Armchair, Carpet and Char-the-Car
by e4school

Interactive worksheet Singular-Plural
by Neenu

Message board

messages to students  by maruli  2/22/2019  
Hi, Víctor:
When a student has a lot of mistakes in a ws. I send a message to him/ her, giving tips
to redo the ws, but they dont recieve any information.I add the message in " repeat exercise"
Any idea why?
  2 answers 

Many thanks  by Lee07  2/22/2019  
I just wanna thank you for this great job. I'm really grateful. Have a nice day.
  1 answers 

Remove/change time limit  by pisiflor  2/21/2019  
Is it possible to remove or change the time limit o a worksheet for a whole group? Thanks!
  1 answers 

remove workbooks  by francesmbb  2/21/2019  
A new term has started for us. I've been able to move my students to a new workbook but how do I remove last years workbook from a selected group of students. Thanks
  1 answers 

limited time  by thebluebird  2/20/2019  
if there is a button (optional) for limited time for completing the worksheet will be should be a specific time for doing the worksheet
  1 answers 

Printing info  by tundepasztor  2/20/2019  
Dear Victor,
Many thsnks over and over again for your "liveworksheets". They are like safety belts many times.
I have one question: Is it possible in some way to print either my students solutions or just one of the papers from your program?
Thankagain, Tunde

Versión pro  by luisamunoz2017  2/12/2019  
Buenas noches. En él tutorías para hacer cuadernos dice que se pueden hacer 30 fichas en la versión gratuita. Se puede comprar una versión pro? Me encanta esta página. Es fantástica. Un saludo Luisa Muñoz
  4 answers 

Assign a worksheet   by tamdelacruz  2/11/2019  
This is my first time using this website, my students love it but I would like to assign some worksheets to specific students according to their level of English. How can I do that? Please help!
Thank you so much!
  2 answers 

Grading options  by katarinaterzic  2/7/2019  
Hello, everybody!
I have been using liveworksheets for only a couple of weeks. I see that students get 10 points max for each worksheet. Is it possible to change that in such a way that they get a point for each answer?
Thank you!
  2 answers 

En blanco  by Tokieder  2/6/2019  
Hola, Victor. Tenemos un problema con los miniportátiles de los alumnos. En la mayor parte de ellos las fichas salen en blanco, excepto el encabezamiento y partes comunes. Todo los relativo al trabajo, tanto las preguntas como las casillas de respuestas no las ven. Hemos intentado diferentes soluciones pero no hemos conseguido nada. ¿Podrías orientarnos?
  5 answers 

Problemas para entrar en el cuaderno  by Carmn  2/6/2019  
Hola Víctor, tengo una alumna que cada vez que pone su usuario y contraseña vuelve a la página de inicio.
Muchas gracias por todo.
  2 answers 

Notifications to students  by TeacherRose  2/3/2019  
Dear Victor, if there a possibility for the teacher to see if he/she has already sent a notification for a student for repeating the worksheet. Sometimes I send more than one and that makes kids wonder or open them all and lose data in the end (if do not close properly with the finished sheet in the end). So, will be more convenient for the teacher to see a sign somewhere on the sheet when he/she sends a notification to the pupil.
  2 answers 

How do I invite my students?  by Pal45  2/3/2019  
Hello everybody
I'm a new teacher here on this portal and I'd like to invite my students to access and link to my worksheet page . Could anyone tell me how to go about it? Thanks in advance.
  1 answers 

listening  by tatam  2/3/2019  
Hi, Victor,
I have a problem with listening wks .My students say the sound is not activated.Can u please help? Thanks in advance.
  1 answers 

Messages to students  by maruli  2/2/2019  
Hi, Víctor:
When a student has a lot of mistakes in a ws. I send a message to him/ her, giving tips
to redo the ws, but they dont recieve any information.
Any idea why?
  2 answers 

browser  by jamin  2/2/2019  
is there a specific browser that's more compatible with the site?
  1 answers 

Worksheets asignadas  by ayari  2/2/2019  
Hola Victor,

Excelente sitio. Estoy en periodo de experimentación. Tengo algunas dudas y/o sugerencias.

1. ¿Hay alguna manera de saber a qué alumnos les asigné qué o de plano debo llevar una bitácora por separado? Es que ya no me acuerdo que tarea le dejé a cada quién jajaja (mi error por supuesto).

2. ¿Hay alguna forma de exportar las calificaciones al final del curso, por ejemplo en csv o algo similar?

3. He notado que una vez que guardas la 'worksheet' ya no te permite actualizar el archivo original PDF o Word, etc. ¿Sería posible agregar la opción? Es que hay veces que por el cansancio, me equivoco y debo empezar de cero :(

Muchas gracias por tu PACIENCIA y DEDICACIÓN.
  1 answers 

Same group different teachers  by feli_lamuzaeskola_eus  1/31/2019  
Hi, I've got a doubt
How can it be added different workshhets( different subjects) , by different teachers to the same group of students?

Hola, tengo una duda
¿Cómo podemos profesores diferentes añadir nuestros cuadernos(de diferentes asignaturas) a los mismos alumnos
  1 answers 

math notations   by jamin  1/31/2019  
Hi Victor,
I know you are getting a lot of messages, and its hard to keep up, ill try to be brief. Is there way to enter math notations like exponents and division sign etc? thank for you help
  1 answers 

a few bugs  by jamin  1/31/2019  
Thanks for this great website, my studdent love it and they are excited and engaged. few concerns though, even though they entered the correct answer the computer does not recognize it and mark the correct answer in red (wrong). I think this has to do with whether or not student hit the space bar as they enter their answer. Also it is hard to tell how many points the computer is grading the assignments out of
  1 answers 

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