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Registration and access  by jmvvenglish1  9/19/2019  
Hi Victor, I was wondering if it will be possible that students and teachers could register and access your website using Google or Facebook. Thanks.
I have more or less than 10 questions  by soffearahim  9/19/2019  
How do I set the total to a different number other than 10?
How to assign a work  by weballemand  9/19/2019  
Hi Victor, a few questions. Is it possible to assign a work to specific members of a group? I have seen that you can assign the work to the whole groupe and then assign it to specific students as a homework, but I would like to make it visible for specific students only. A solution could maybe to assign a different workbook with these works to the specific students, but can they be added to different groups with the same identification datas? I'm trying to differenciate the work I give to my students and it would be very helpful if it was possible. Maybe i'am too demanding :-D Thank you for your answers
Options  by weballemand  9/19/2019  
Hi Victor! Thanks a lot once again for your application. I recommend it to all my colleagues, it's really amazing! I have a question concerning the join:x exercices. Would it be possible to join different elements to one element in order to classificate these elements? for instance pupils would have a list of items (fruit and vegetables) and they would have to bind the names with the correct categories. I've tried but you can only join one element. When you select another, the binding disappears for the previous item. I don't know if I'am clear. The same question for the drag and drop :-) Last but not least. ist is possible to categorize elements in different categories? Best regards
PS: if you need help to translate the site in french other german, I could help too ;)

A.MA.ZING!!!  by MmeF  9/18/2019  
Hello to everyone! Most amazing resources I have come across in a long time! I teach esl for beginners in Canada to students from all around the world and since they are also learning to use computers to work, Live WorkSheets hits two birds with one stone! I will ask my school board to make a donation so your website can remain accessible to all of us teachers and students. Thanks for your hard work! I am praising you all the way from Ottawa, Canada:)))
Exercise Repetition  by Sabrinaesl  9/17/2019  
Hello Victor, I would like to have unlimited exercise repetition because I use the activities in class and have 19 groups... Is that possible to set?
Thanks   by missverynice  9/17/2019  
Hello Victor

I have just found out your site. It is a great resource. Thanks for it.
Worksheet navigation.  by CarrieSVA  9/16/2019  
I can't navigate down my worksheet to add text boxes. How do I do this?

Thank you.
Nuevos usuarioa  by aganivet  9/16/2019  
Hola, Victor. Muy agradecidos por esta nueva oferta gratuita.
Me estoy dedicando a organizar las cuentas que teníamos y enlazarlas con una nueva de centro que he creado.
Pero veo que los usuarios de las cuentas antiguas no se pueden pasar de ninguna forma a las cuenta del centro, hay que registrarlos de nuevo.
Debo eliminar los usuarios de esas cuentas de profesor? No hay forma de llevarlos a la de centro?Y si elimino los usuarios antiguos me admitirá repetirlos de nuevo?
Tengo muchas dudas y veo por delante mucho trabajo. Siempre he echado en falta en esta aplicación la subida de usuarios en bloque.
Un saludo y muchas gracias de nuevo.
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