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Interactive worksheet Going to the cinema
Going to the cinema
Interactive worksheet Starters 3 - speaking test
Starters 3 - speaking test
by happyhomeenglish
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by 2015li201
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Комп. система
by lilinikolova
Interactive worksheet Комп система
Комп система
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Unit 3 Quick Test
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Listening: sports and leisure
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Free time
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Possessives adjectives
Interactive worksheet Grade 4 Review
Grade 4 Review
by cherryllama
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Reading. My living room
by Maryvic
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Zum Alltag
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Interactive worksheet E-mail
by lilinikolova
Interactive worksheet Fabio's Timetable
Fabio's Timetable
by evviesands
Interactive worksheet G5.6
by garaitz
Interactive worksheet Introduktion - Åk 8
Introduktion - Åk 8
by Heidy197709
Interactive worksheet Läxa Introduktin
Läxa Introduktin
by Heidy197709
Interactive worksheet Annas und Hassans Routine
Annas und Hassans Routine
by weballemand
Interactive worksheet Uniforms
by flooc
Interactive worksheet Prueba de sonido
Prueba de sonido
by Heidy197709
Interactive worksheet Introduktion - Åk 7
Introduktion - Åk 7
by Heidy197709
Interactive worksheet Schulfächer (Eval)
Schulfächer (Eval)
by weballemand
Interactive worksheet Listening about Ireland
Listening about Ireland
by flooc


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Download of the answers  by weballemand  8/22/2019  
Is it possible for the pupils to download the worksheets that they have filled with their answers? Same question for the teacher if he uses the workbooks. Thank you for your help and for having created this amazing application :-D
Asking question  by elba25  8/20/2019  
I want to know if I have to pay anything for using this page
AUDIO  by cholaluna  8/18/2019  
Hi. I would like to know how to download the audios. Thank you
How to download worksheets  by SruthiRajesh  8/15/2019  
I prepared live worksheets. it worked. thank a lot for the developers. After preparing live worksheets how can I download it?
Shared worksheets  by fm_didattica  8/14/2019  
Can I use a text found on the net (let's say an article in the newspaper) and use it to create a reading comprehension exercise? I obviously would insert a link to the source.

Thanks for your precious works and regards
crear otro grupo  by VanessaTobar  8/13/2019  
Se puede crear mas de un grupo? y como?
codes and registration from different teachers  by lorenagarcia  8/11/2019  
Hello. how can a student access a workbook with different teachers without having to register again with another username?
recover a deleted group  by mapial  8/11/2019  

By mistake I deleted a group in which several students were already registered.
What should I do to recover the deleted group data?
Thank you for your cooperation.
Change avatar  by Lee07  8/8/2019  
Hi Victor

I want to change my avatar. I tried many times, but I'm afraid it's not working. Any help, please.

Have a nice day.
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