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How to make interactive worksheets
Learn how to transform your traditional printable worksheets into interactive online exercises with fill-in-the-gaps, multiple-choice, join-with-arrows, drag-and-drop, listening and speaking exercises, videos, etc.
How to make interactive workbooks
Learn how to make interactive workbooks for your students and save lots of paper and time. Interactive workbooks are the best tool for online teaching and learning.
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Interactive worksheet Describing People
Describing People
by zugarplum

Interactive worksheet Ruta Medieval Vic
Ruta Medieval Vic
by Papasitos11

Interactive worksheet Passive practice
Passive practice
by szabjass

Interactive worksheet Arropa
by aranbizkarra

Interactive worksheet What is happening?
What is happening?
by roynelsonfunes

Interactive worksheet Ruta Edat Mediaval
Ruta Edat Mediaval
by arnocru

Interactive worksheet L'orecchio
by stefi3t

Interactive worksheet Wh Words Pronunciation
Wh Words Pronunciation
by myrjud

Interactive worksheet Question Words Matching
Question Words Matching
by myrjud

Interactive worksheet MAPPA OCCHIO
by stefi3t

Interactive worksheet Nyelvhelyesség
by monethi

Interactive worksheet La famille
La famille
by Ernie0678

Interactive worksheet Donner des indications
Donner des indications
by Ernie0678

Interactive worksheet PAST SIMPLE and PAST CONTINUOUS
by MSSvib

Interactive worksheet Using Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences
Using Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences
by mkbailey

Interactive worksheet Santa, where are you? Song
Santa, where are you? Song
by lmanuel2

Interactive worksheet Matemáticas Cálculo
Matemáticas Cálculo
by Juanma

Interactive worksheet Мерам мерам не е шега
Мерам мерам не е шега
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Evaluation test
Evaluation test
by clarinha

Interactive worksheet LO SCHELETRO
by stefi3t

Interactive worksheet CICLO DELL'ACQUA
by stefi3t

Interactive worksheet President of the Week
President of the Week
by MelatoninMommy

Interactive worksheet Landmark of the Week
Landmark of the Week
by MelatoninMommy

Interactive worksheet Greek-Latin of the Week
Greek-Latin of the Week
by MelatoninMommy

Message board

a question  by albaciria  18/11/2017  
Hi Victor and all,

Just a question, iis this website connected to englishexercises.org? My students are already registered in the former one and I do not know if I can use some worksheets form here. thanks for these websites!they really worth it.
  1 answers 

Amazing..  by hopegracia  16/11/2017  
I've just discovered your website. It's really amazing! Thank you SO much for creating this valuable tool..
  1 answers 

Number of questions?  by meryn21  14/11/2017  
Hi Victor and all,
Love this website!
I have started uploading my own worksheet, some with 12-15 questions, but I notice that the marks are 10/10. Is there a way to change this or do I need to reduce my number of questions?
  2 answers 

Can I upload the worksheet again?  by lisaywm  13/11/2017  
Hi, Victor. Thanks for this wonderful platform. I am wondering once i saved the worksheet, can I amend it without typing all the functions again? I just found that I have made a typo in my orginial worksheet. Thanks!
  1 answers 

Can the students make the worksheet again?  by SilviaMart  12/11/2017  
Hi!! Once the students click "Finish" and get the results, can they do it again to improve their results?
Thank you!!
  2 answers 

How to set correct  by theraschmooze  09/11/2017  
How do I make it correct the worksheet
  1 answers 

no question only praise  by schumax  06/11/2017  
Victor, you are incredible. You must be an inspiration to your students and I am trying hard to perfect my work and make it as interesting as yours but I am finding it mighty hard. I do not have Microsoft word anymore because it is too expensive. I just use Google Drive. What do you use to make your wonderful worksheets?
  1 answers 

I have a question  by TeacherRose  04/11/2017  
Hi, everybody:) It's really a nice learning and creative place for everybody - teachers and students. Congrats on founders for setting it. I've got a question - how to add a siple text only, not tools, but text? Thanks in advance for your reply!
  1 answers 

How to create an ID for each students  by Dachu1066  03/11/2017  
Hi! Victor,
I'm a language teacher. Thanks for creating this amazing and useful platform. I love it so much.

I don't have the email addresses of my 300 students. Please kindly suggest me with a quick way to create an ID for each of them by myself. Thanks a lot.

  1 answers 

student's log in  by liesvanhulle  02/11/2017  
Hello, my students got an assignment this vacation but some students mailed me and said that they can't log in. I've checked their login and password and noticed the same problem. I've made a workbook for the whole class. Some of them did the exercises already... What can I do?
  1 answers 

A little request  by Rita_Angelou  31/10/2017  
Hello I am Rita. I am a mathematician and last month I discovered your platform. It is helpful for my students and a fun way to learn. Although, I would like to point out that the page is in English and it is a little difficult for young children to use it. I would like to have the possibility to use it in my own language not only with the exercises but the whole page.
  2 answers 

A funny platform.  by ruthcastillo  30/10/2017  
I'm Ruth. Let me thank you for this amazing platform.
I am using this way to help me with my students. They are just using it without problmes.
It is fun, effective, interactive and free. I appreciate your fantastic work.
  1 answers 

Pointing out errors  by michaelhughes  28/10/2017  
The facility to instantly mark is exceptional, however, is it possible to indicate the correct answer when the user has answered incorrectly. Thank you.
  3 answers 

Amazing!  by olgagonz32  22/10/2017  
I've just discovered your website. It's really amazing! Thank you SO much for creating this valuable tool.
  1 answers 

The audio on some chrome is not clear.  by clc1234  16/10/2017  
Hi Victor, it's me Chenling again. I hope it would be my last question... I had a listening exercise for my students. The words are just simple ones like duck, nest, hand etc. Some students told me that the audio wasn't clear. So I went to other computers to check. The voice there was not as cleas as the voice on my computers. We all used chrome. Do you have any idea what's wrong? Thanks for the help again. Chenling
  2 answers 

problem with speaking exercise  by clc1234  16/10/2017  
Hi Victor, I think you'll really a genius. Thank you for this wonderful and useful website. I have one more question and then this liveworksheet is 100% perfect for me. Speaking exercise still didn't work on iPad even I used google chrome. Is it not ready yet for this function? Or can I do any adjustment to solve this problem? Thanks a lot for any help. Chenling
  2 answers 

Problem with the result while using iPad  by clc1234  13/10/2017  
Help! The answers go back to their original places when finished. So kids cannot know where they got wrong. But it’s okay when we use computers. We can only use iPad in the class. Anything we can do to solve this problem? Thank you for the help. Chenling
  2 answers 

It is incredibly useful!   by clc1234  11/10/2017  
I just want to say thank you for this amazing platform.
I am going to use this to help many poor kids learn English in my country.
Because it is fun, effective, interactive and free. I appreciate your great work.
  1 answers 

Updating a worksheet  by estherlee76  07/10/2017  
Hi - I've found some errors on an uploaded worksheet. How can I update the file? We seem to be able to do it during the initial creation of the document but not once its saved.

  2 answers 

add not working :(  by Cooperponta  06/10/2017  
I can not add any worksheet to my workbook/students since yesterday. Is there a problem with the site?
  2 answers 

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