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How to make interactive worksheets
Learn how to transform your traditional printable worksheets into interactive online exercises with fill-in-the-gaps, multiple-choice, join-with-arrows, drag-and-drop, listening and speaking exercises, videos, etc.
How to make interactive workbooks
Learn how to make interactive workbooks for your students and save lots of paper and time. Interactive workbooks are the best tool for online teaching and learning.
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Interactive worksheet juego de palabras
juego de palabras
by petete

Interactive worksheet A Difficult Life for English Settlers - Part 2
A Difficult Life for English Settlers - Part 2
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
by Uta10009003

Interactive worksheet listening comprehension
listening comprehension
by lmanuel2

Interactive worksheet Γωνίες - Είδη γωνιών
Γωνίες - Είδη γωνιών
by Rita_Angelou

Interactive worksheet Oct. 17 Practice
Oct. 17 Practice
by dulaoshichinese

Interactive worksheet Exit Ticket Unit 2 Day 5
Exit Ticket Unit 2 Day 5
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet Exit Ticket Unit 4 Day 2
Exit Ticket Unit 4 Day 2
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet Verbos de clase
Verbos de clase
by victor

Interactive worksheet Simple past and present perfect
Simple past and present perfect
by teacherteaches

Interactive worksheet V9L2 article
V9L2 article
by clc1234

Interactive worksheet 20 times table
20 times table
by slakshme

Interactive worksheet 19 times table
19 times table
by slakshme

Interactive worksheet 18 times table
18 times table
by slakshme

Interactive worksheet 17 times table
17 times table
by slakshme

Interactive worksheet A Difficult Life for English Settlers - Part 1
A Difficult Life for English Settlers - Part 1
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet Qué tienen? Qué necesitan?
Qué tienen? Qué necesitan?
by martik

Interactive worksheet Halloween- matching exercise
Halloween- matching exercise
by book_geek

Interactive worksheet Video with Subtitles - 3
Video with Subtitles - 3
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet Dogs Ages
Dogs Ages
by hknong

Interactive worksheet Collocations
by teacherteaches

Interactive worksheet Collocations
by teacherteaches

Interactive worksheet Video with Subtitles - 2
Video with Subtitles - 2
by ProfesorCorrales

Interactive worksheet Video with Subtitles - 1
Video with Subtitles - 1
by ProfesorCorrales

Message board

The audio on some chrome is not clear.  by clc1234  16/10/2017  
Hi Victor, it's me Chenling again. I hope it would be my last question... I had a listening exercise for my students. The words are just simple ones like duck, nest, hand etc. Some students told me that the audio wasn't clear. So I went to other computers to check. The voice there was not as cleas as the voice on my computers. We all used chrome. Do you have any idea what's wrong? Thanks for the help again. Chenling
  2 answers 

problem with speaking exercise  by clc1234  16/10/2017  
Hi Victor, I think you'll really a genius. Thank you for this wonderful and useful website. I have one more question and then this liveworksheet is 100% perfect for me. Speaking exercise still didn't work on iPad even I used google chrome. Is it not ready yet for this function? Or can I do any adjustment to solve this problem? Thanks a lot for any help. Chenling
  2 answers 

Problem with the result while using iPad  by clc1234  13/10/2017  
Help! The answers go back to their original places when finished. So kids cannot know where they got wrong. But it’s okay when we use computers. We can only use iPad in the class. Anything we can do to solve this problem? Thank you for the help. Chenling
  2 answers 

It is incredibly useful!   by clc1234  11/10/2017  
I just want to say thank you for this amazing platform.
I am going to use this to help many poor kids learn English in my country.
Because it is fun, effective, interactive and free. I appreciate your great work.
  1 answers 

Updating a worksheet  by estherlee76  07/10/2017  
Hi - I've found some errors on an uploaded worksheet. How can I update the file? We seem to be able to do it during the initial creation of the document but not once its saved.

  2 answers 

add not working :(  by Cooperponta  06/10/2017  
I can not add any worksheet to my workbook/students since yesterday. Is there a problem with the site?
  2 answers 

Just beginning  by OpelikaDog  05/10/2017  
I have just discovered this through Edmodo. I may have questions later.
  1 answers 

Thank you !  by lisssok  05/10/2017  
Thank you for really amazing and creative tool! I have already made some worksheets))
  1 answers 

Add students to workbooks  by Fulvia  03/10/2017  
It would be great if I could add a student to a workbook after i have created it...Is it possible? Thanks.
  2 answers 

Offline Use  by dreamlsq  01/10/2017  
Can i do these worksheets being offline? like save a lot of them in the computer school where the students can use them?
  1 answers 

Checking Student's work  by JackieTimmons  28/09/2017  
How do I check my students after they have completed a worksheet?
  1 answers 

doubt  by yamissch  26/09/2017  
do my students have to have an account to do the exercises? I ask this because my students are very little kids
  2 answers 

Where are my favourite worksheets?  by SofiaSilva  26/09/2017  
Hi! I'm new in the community and as I was exploring some of the interactive worksheets I've favourited a few. How can I access my favourites?!
  1 answers 

Creating worksheet  by Marinko  25/09/2017  
I have recently joined the community and seem to be able to create gap filling exercises only. How do I create drag and drop exercises or matching/listening/drop-dowm menu exercises? Many thanks,

  2 answers 

Adverbs of frequency  by amndr  25/09/2017  
If the possibility of a worksheet regarding Adverbs of frequency
  2 answers 

shared worksheets  by editara  19/09/2017  
how to see shared worksheets. It's impossible.
Thank you
  2 answers 

Dar las gracias  by petete  18/09/2017  
Acabo de empezar haciendo algunos trabajos, una manera de aprender y compartir mil gracias (y)
  1 answers 

Adding a worksheet  by ValBelousova  17/09/2017  
How do I add a worksheet to one of the students in a group? It's kinda confusing...
  2 answers 

New video tutorials  by victor  13/09/2017  
I've created two video tutorials. One explaining the creation of interactive worksheets and the other one explaining the interactive workbooks.
  1 answers 

Nuevos video tutoriales  by victor  13/09/2017  
Acabo de crear dos nuevos video tutoriales, uno muestra cómo crear fichas interactivas y el otro cómo crear cuadernos interactivos.
  1 answers 

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