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Interactive worksheet Professions

by JolantaZvirgzdina
Interactive worksheet 孔融让梨

by panling
Interactive worksheet It's a Disaster

It's a Disaster
by AVartha
Interactive worksheet Choose the right color name

Choose the right color name
by maayan
Interactive worksheet Letter Sound Assessment

Letter Sound Assessment
by lizrice
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Strange Monsters
by MissLight
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Assessment quiz
by misstatianaimoff
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Cloze Text
by saundravin
Interactive worksheet Colores

by lore_mazala
Interactive worksheet Lectura de palabras

Lectura de palabras
Interactive worksheet Retail interactions

Retail interactions
Interactive worksheet Intermediate lesson 5

Intermediate lesson 5
by maicho
Interactive worksheet Map Skills II

Map Skills II
by The_Dean
Interactive worksheet Olympic Games

Olympic Games
by IrinaGG
Interactive worksheet התאמת סופיות

התאמת סופיות
by maayan
Interactive worksheet Embedded Questions

Embedded Questions
by Drew1705
Interactive worksheet Grammar

by saundravin
Interactive worksheet La letra M - UNIR CON FLECHAS

Interactive worksheet Ôn thi lớp 6- đề 6

Ôn thi lớp 6- đề 6
by vunhuthuytrang
Interactive worksheet La letra M - ESCRIBIR PALABRAS

Interactive worksheet School Uniforms Around the World

School Uniforms Around the World
by MissLight
Interactive worksheet Time clauses

Time clauses
by Boris_Hajduk
Interactive worksheet Present perfect

Present perfect
by hangbui
Interactive worksheet The Cat's Dinner 1

The Cat's Dinner 1
by simonodolinski



NEW: CUSTOM LINK  by victor  4/2/2020  
I just added a new option that allows us to customize the link of a worksheet to send it to the students. This allows them to send them answers directly to our mailbox, without having to enter our email. We can also pre-fill the group and subject, so they only have to write their name. We can even pre-fill the student's name, in such a way that just by clicking on DONE they will send their answers to our mailbox.

You can find this new option next to the link:

NUEVO: PERSONALIZAR ENLACE  by victor  4/2/2020  
Acabo de añadir una nueva opción que nos permite personalizar el enlace de una ficha para enviarlo a los alumnos. Esto nos permite que sus respuestas se envíen directamente a nuestro buzón de correo, sin que tengan que introducir el email. También podemos pre-rellenar el grupo y asignatura, para que solamente tengan que escribir su nombre. Incluso se puede pre-rellenar también el nombre del alumno, de tal manera que sólo con hacer clic en TERMINADO se envíen sus respuestas a nuestro buzón.

Podéis encontrar esta opción a la derecha del enlace:

Text box to change background, font etc will not open  by LCHARRIS79  4/5/2020  
Hello everyone,
I am brand new to this site but I love it!!! My students have disabilities and we are embarking on Google classroom for the very first time. I was able to successfully create a matching worksheet yesterday, no issues what so ever. Today I have tried unsuccessfully from two different computers to create a worksheet with checkboxes. The checkboxes are visible when I preview the document but the text box is blue and you cannot see the choices that are underneath. I would really appreciate some assistance with this. Thank you all in advance.
codigo  by Leylani  4/5/2020  
Donde puedo encontrar el codigo?
A question and a request please.  by NidalNasr  4/5/2020  
Can I add a flash file (*.swf)in the worksheet?

Please add an option to add notes in the worksheet. The note must be seen by students.

Thanks for your kindness.
Hiding the feedback for some time?   by Annelisi  4/5/2020  

I really love this site and its opportunities. I was wondering if there was any way to NOT let the students see what answers they got right/ wrong immediately and to make the feedback available to them after a certain time limit or changing the worksheet settings in the workbook?
If I want to give a test, it might become a problem if the students can immediately see which answers they had correctly because they might share that information with classmates. Perhaps after finishing, the answers could stay white (unmarked) for some time/ until the settings are changed (i.e. until everyone has finished?)

Kind regards,
Actividades Orales   by mariacoal  4/4/2020  
Hola Victor,
Muchas gracias por este trabajo tan increíble que estas haciendo. Mi pregunta es la siguiente, creé una actividad para que mis estudiantes grabaran el nombre de varias cosas. Ellos la hicieron y me la mandaron, pero cuando trato de escuchar sus grabaciones no sale nada. Ya revisé y el micrófono en mi computador está funcionado. Gracias!
modifica file  by onir67  4/4/2020  
Salve, ho modificato un file che ho trovato in interactive worksheets,quindi realizzato da altri. Ora vorrei il link del file modificato e salvato da me,dove lo trovo?
audio  by Patrizia111  4/4/2020  
non riesco a sentire gli audio fogli di lavoro condivisi. mi riferisco, nello specifico, ad alcune attività di lingua inglese. come posso risolvere il problema?
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