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Interactive worksheet Letra C

Letra C
by Docentepiecarolina
Interactive worksheet Listen and say the next letter

Listen and say the next letter
by MissLuS
Interactive worksheet Write about your winter break

Write about your winter break
by mariacrist
Interactive worksheet Coronavirus Vocabulary 5

Coronavirus Vocabulary 5
by Jantzarino1
Interactive worksheet Bisíl·labs 10 primera part

Bisíl·labs 10 primera part
by Llapisipinzell
Interactive worksheet Hey Jude - imperative

Hey Jude - imperative
by patriciaovieira
Interactive worksheet Rooms of a house

Rooms of a house
by Juli98
Interactive worksheet The time

The time
by rosibg
Interactive worksheet Toys Activities

Toys Activities
by guadalupe_barral
Interactive worksheet Talk about your winter break

Talk about your winter break
by mariacrist
Interactive worksheet Questions in the Simple Past

Questions in the Simple Past
by quintogradosac
Interactive worksheet 9th Course guidelines

9th Course guidelines
by alexandra224
Interactive worksheet Reconocer causa y efecto.

Reconocer causa y efecto.
by Docentepiecarolina
Interactive worksheet Verb phrases

Verb phrases
by Solval
Interactive worksheet Cumpleaños de bogota

Cumpleaños de bogota
by Lina96
Interactive worksheet Unidad 5 Los acordes y sus inversiones

Unidad 5 Los acordes y sus inversiones
by almunuera
Interactive worksheet Possessives

by ugly
Interactive worksheet Vogais

Interactive worksheet Gg2. u.3.3 ab 28

Gg2. u.3.3 ab 28
by gbravoalmonacid1
Interactive worksheet Hercules Chapter 1

Hercules Chapter 1
by Cecilia_Gramajo
Interactive worksheet Nivelación tercero

Nivelación tercero
by lizeth22
Interactive worksheet Present progressive or simple present

Present progressive or simple present
by mvvega
Interactive worksheet Toys Revision

Toys Revision
by lucianafiala
Interactive worksheet There be

There be
by Ciela



Suggestion of new link  by Liligirl  8/3/2020  
First,I'm so grateful for this site!It is marvelous. I'd like to suggest that It could have a link to edited WS, without needing to have to go to the workbook.Just the link like it have custom link. It would be useful when we check a wrong answer or we need to use just some exercises from a long WS. Thanks a lot for helping.
Group/Students  by marcosporto  8/3/2020  
What can we see in the list of students, because I can't open? Worksheets/grades????
Invio esercizi da parte degli alunni da Classrrom  by ElisabettaR  8/3/2020  
Buonasera, grazie per l'ottimo strumento di lavoro messo a disposizione. Devo pubblicare il lavoro su Classroom perché la mia scuola ha deciso che tutte le attività devono essere assegnate tramite Classroom. Gli alunni per inviarmi il loro compito tramite mail, vero? Se è così, è obbligatorio per gli alunni essere registrati sul vostro sito con il loro indirizzo di posta? Grazie
Thank you  by leesiewwan77  8/3/2020  
I have been making liveworksheets and sending my worksheets to my pupils since April 2020. It's a great website. My students love the worksheets I made. I can easily manage their works through website. Although my pupils have come back to school, I'm still working with this website. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart.
Sharing links  by jmathers  8/3/2020  
sharing links- I cannot seem to share links- do students have to subscribe first? I shared the link with my daughter and it says page not found, no longer available. I checked to make sure there was no time limit. Any suggestions?
mandar los cuadernos  by osesmayer12_04  8/3/2020  
he mandado las asignaciones a mis alumnos es decir los cuadrenos, previamente ya han confirmado el email. pero aun no llega los cuadrenos
Embed in Canvas  by mrd247  8/2/2020  
Hello there, when I embed a worksheet on a WordPress site, it works fine. But when I try to embed on Canvas, it only shows a link to the live worksheet. Any suggestions?
Listen to  by uskool  8/2/2020  
Is there any way that we can add Afrikaans to the listen to language list or record our own audio?
Check answer  by marcosporto  8/2/2020  
Is it possible to make a worksheet without students checking answers?
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