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How do I create a link for a worksheet?

 For sharing a custom link to a worksheet.


  1. Open the Worksheets page from the top menu.
  2. Select the desired worksheet.
  3. On the menu above the description of the worksheet, select Custom Link.
  4. To customize your link, answer Default action on click Finish.
  5. Enter Prefill values.
  6. Choose whether to Send answers to my mail box.
  7. Set Timing by selecting Set Time limit or Set Availability.   To set a time limit, check this box and enter the time limit.   To set availability, check this box and enter the dates from and to.  
  8. Select Grading options.
  9. Select Checking Options.
  10. Once you've configured your options, your custom link can be copied at the top of the page by clicking Copy link.  
  11. Follow the directions below it to copy, add to Google Classroom, share on social media, etc.