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Manage workbooks

Where teachers can find and manage their workbooks.



To edit a workbook:


  1. Along the top menu, select Dashboard.
  2. Select My Workbooks.
  3. Click on the workbook you'd like to manage.
  4. In the tabs, click Edit Workbook and update any of the information you need to change.  



To edit workbook pages:


  1. On each worksheet or page, you can Preview, Assign as homework, Move to page, Allow exercise repetition, Show right answers, Checking options, Add to another workbook, Edit, Hide or Delete.  



Assign to students:


  1. Click on Assign to students tab
  2. To assign to an individual student, find their name in the list and click on the orange checkbox to assign the workbook. 
  3. Click Save Changes.



Duplicate a workbook:  

  1. To duplicate a workbook, click the tab Duplicate.
  2. This option will create another workbook with the same title, content and options, that you can edit afterwards.  Select Confirm to continue. 



Delete a workbook:


  1. To delete a workbook, click on the Delete tab.
  2. Choose Delete to complete the deletion process.  Please note, this action can not be undone and will result in the workbook being deleted completely.