Friends plus 7 unit 2

Edad: 10-13
Level: 7
Idioma: English (en)
ID: 7186469
Country code: VN
Country: Vietnam
Asignatura: English (2205840)
Tema principal: unit 2 (2205841)
From worksheet author:





I.        Pronunciation

Câu 1. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others?

     A. message                   B. email                             C. letter                               D. credit

Câu 2. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others?

     A. culture                      B. adult                              C. funny                               D. truly

Câu 3. Which word has a different stress pattern from that of the others?

     A. conversation              B. emoticon                       C. original                               D. proficiency

Câu 4. Which word has a different stress pattern from that of the others?

     A. pretend                     B. compare                        C. landline                               D. routine  


II.       Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each question.

Câu 5. __________ tired, I went to bed early.

     A. Felt                           B. Feeling                          C. To feel                               D. Being felt

Câu 6. Jane doesn’t have anywhere to live right now. She __________ for an apartment.

     A. is looking                   B. is looks                         C. looks                               D. will look   

Câu 7. ‘Do you like drinks from Starbucks?’ – ‘__________’

     A. Not really.                                                          B. I’m so surprised!               

C. Me too.                                                              D. Neither am I.

Câu 8. ‘Where’s you Mom?’ – ‘__________’

     A. Really?                                                              B. Of course not.

     C. She’s cooking in the kitchen.                              D. What about you?

Câu 9. He wants to __________ me and keeps walking.

     A. pretend                     B. ignore                            C. dial                                     D. chat

Câu 10. John wanted to talk to you. He said he would __________ in a few minutes.

     A. hang up                    B. top up                           C. put on                               D. call back

Câu 11. Erik __________ to finish his homework at the moment.

     A. tries                          B. trying                             C. is trying                               D. will try

Câu 12. He __________ to buy a house in three years. He is saving the money.

     A. ranks                        B. requires                         C. intends                               D. tosses

Câu 13. Most teenagers spend hours __________ the phone every day.

     A. on                             B. at                                  C. with                               D. in

Câu 14. Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome you all __________ our opening ceremony today!

     A. at                              B. with                               C. to                                       D. into


III.      Look at the signs. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

Câu 15.

What does this sign mean?

Image removed.

A. You can only use this door in emergency situations.             

B. You can enter the building through this door.

C. You must close this door after exiting the building.

D. You are not allowed to use this exit in any situation.

Câu 16.

What does this notice mean?

Image removed.

A. The basketball team only wants to see experienced players.

B. There aren’t enough team members available Friday.

C. The Barton College team will visit the gym later today.

D. The Friday match against Barton College is now moved to 3 p.m. today.  


IV.      Read the following passage and do as direct.

A field trip to the aquarium means three things to George. First, he will get to see fish. Second, he will get to eat the aquarium’s café. Finally, he will have a lot to talk about when he visits his grandmother at the nursing home later on the weekend. Therefore, George listens very carefully as his teacher tells his class rules for the trip. There should be no running, yelling, or tapping on the glass of the tanks. They should stay together the whole time at the aquarium. These are easy rules, and he will make sure he follows them carefully.


True/False Questions:

Câu 17. George is excited about his trip to the zoo.

     A. False                        B. True

Câu 18. George does not like the food in the the aquarium’s café.

     A. True                         B. False

Câu 19. George will visit the aquarium this weekend.

     A. False                        B. True

Câu 20. The students can run but they can’t yell in the aquarium.

     A. True                         B. False


Choose the correct answer:

Câu 21. George’s grandmother is living __________.

     A. with his family                                                    B. near the aquarium      

C. near his school                                                  D. in a nursing home

Câu 22. What is George’s teacher doing?

A. She is telling them what to do and not to do during the trip.

B. She is introducing the history of the aquarium.

C. She is giving them the address of the aquarium.

D. She is telling them what to bring for the trip.


V.       Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Minh is standing __23___ the kitchen. He is waiting for his mother to finish washing __24___ hands. Today, his mother is teaching him how __25___. Minh is excited, __26___ he is also nervous. He is afraid that he will add the wrong ingredients or put in too __27___ salt. Then his food will not taste good, and no one will want to try __28___. Luckily, everything goes well, and Minh can now fry eggs.


Câu 23. Choose the correct answer.

     A. on                             B. in                                  C. at                                       D. of

Câu 24. Choose the correct answer.

     A. his                            B. their                               C. its                                      D. her

Câu 25. Choose the correct answer.

     A. to cook                      B. cook                              C. to cooking                              D. cooking

Câu 26. Choose the correct answer.

     A. and                           B. so                                 C. but                                     D. or

Câu 27. Choose the correct answer.

     A. many                        B. much                             C. a lot                               D. lots

Câu 28. Choose the correct answer.

     A. it                               B. him                                C. their                               D. its


VI.      Supply the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

Câu 29. There were no roads and no means of __________ with the people in the mountains. (communicate)

Câu 30. After looking at her eyes, John knew __________ something was wrong. (instant)

Câu 31. Wedding rings __________ a couple's commitment to each other. (symbol)

Câu 32. In recent years, social networking sites have rapidly gained __________ among people of all ages (popular)

Câu 33. Students should know the common __________ mistakes so that they can learn to avoid them. (grammar)

Câu 34. How long are you going to keep up the __________ of being ill? (pretend)


VII.     Rearrange the groups of words in a correct order to make complete sentences.

Câu 35. as their / people / speak English / More than / 350 million / mother tongue. / around the world /


Câu 36. or messages / Do you / another language? / comments / in / ever post /



VIII.    Rewrite each of the following sentences in another way so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it.

Câu 37. What does your father do?

What’s ____________________________________________

Câu 38. The blue car is more expensive than the red one.

The red ____________________________________________

Câu 39. I hope he will get better soon.

Hopefully ____________________________________________

Câu 40. Lucy is sitting in her room, and she is studying for her exam.

Sitting ____________________________________________

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