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NOTE from the 3rd August 2023: after three years using Liveworksheets, I have decided to give it up and start to use Topworksheets instead. I have moved my worksheets there, but I am leaving here all the originals (339 shared ones), although I am no longer maintaining them. So, if you see a mistake, just add it to a workbook and edit the code.

The materials I share are all free or made by myself, but my colleagues are welcome to adapt them to their students' needs and publish a modified version (I would appreciate the credit, though, to avoid accusations of plagiarism - you can just say "adapted from a worksheet by JuanJoseCC by kind permission of the author" or something like that). Where it is not otherwise stated, all my materials should be considered to have a Creative Commons licence with permission to adapt and redistribute (i.e. publish here), crediting the original author, but not to make a profit out of them (CC BY-NC-SA).

If you need an editable version of one of my worksheets to use it as a template, use my "Contact me" worksheet (see link below) to persuade me that you are not a student trying to cheat (but if you haven't shared any worksheets or you use copyright material scanned from books, you needn't bother.)

You can also use my "contact me" worksheet to contact me about errors in my worksheets, etc. Feel free to make a copy of this worksheet for your own use (you can download an editable version of it from the same link):