Age: 9-14
Level: 6
Language: English (en)
ID: 633449
Country code: BS
Country: Bahamas
School subject: math (1066928)
Main content: Positive and Negative numbers (2029054)
From worksheet author:

ordering positive and negative integers

Other contents:
Worksheet description:
Objective Explanation:
The educational objective of this worksheet on Integers is to help students grasp the concept of positive and negative numbers by engaging with various activities aimed at developing their understanding of how these numbers work on a number line. By completing exercises that involve labeling integers on a number line, identifying opposite integers, and arranging integers in ascending and descending order, students will strengthen their skills in working with integers.

Content Overview:
This worksheet primarily focuses on Positive and Negative numbers, with a specific emphasis on integers and their placement on a number line. Students will practice identifying integers, finding opposite values, and sorting integers in both ascending and descending order. Through these exercises, students will enhance their comprehension and fluency in working with integers and understanding the relationships between positive and negative numbers.

Language and Educational Level Context:
Designed for students at an intermediate level of math proficiency, this worksheet is conducted in English language to ensure accessibility for learners. The content is structured in a clear and concise manner to accommodate students who are familiar with basic math concepts and are ready to delve deeper into the realm of integers.

Subject Relevance:
As an integral part of the math curriculum, the understanding of integers is essential for building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts. By mastering the concepts of positive and negative numbers through this worksheet, students will not only enhance their math skills but also improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, which are crucial for academic success in math and other related subjects.

The instructions provided guide students through the activities, such as labeling integers on a number line, finding opposite integers, and arranging integers in ascending and descending order. For example, the instruction "Label these integers on the number line below. -6,8,-9,0,2,-2" directs students to plot the given integers on a number line to visualize their positions in relation to each other. Similarly, the instruction "Write the opposite integer for the numbers below" prompts students to identify the opposite values for different integers, reinforcing the concept of opposites in relation to positive and negative numbers. By following these instructions, students engage actively with the content and deepen their understanding of integers.

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