Kim Kardashian: daily routine

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Age: 8-15
Level: Primary/A1/elementary
Language: English (en)
ID: 782434
Country code: ES
Country: Spain
School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) (1061958)
Main content: Daily routines (2013218)
From worksheet author:

Kim Kardashian's daily routine. Present simple grammar

Other contents:
Present simple, Reading comprehension, third person singular, daily routine
Worksheet description:
Objective: This worksheet aims to enhance students' understanding of daily routines by analyzing Kim Kardashian's daily schedule. By examining her activities, students can practice vocabulary related to daily tasks, time expressions, and routines.

Content Overview: The main content of this worksheet revolves around Kim Kardashian's daily routine. Students will learn about her morning activities, exercise routine, family life, and daily schedule. This information will help them expand their vocabulary and grasp the use of time expressions in context.

Language and Educational Level Context: This worksheet is designed for students studying English as a Second Language (ESL). The language used is simple and suitable for students at an intermediate level. The content is engaging and relatable, making it easier for ESL learners to connect with the material and practice their language skills.

Subject Relevance: By exploring Kim Kardashian's daily routine, students can apply their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar in a real-life context. This worksheet aligns with the ESL curriculum by focusing on practical language skills related to daily activities and routines. It provides an opportunity for students to practice speaking, reading, and writing in English.

Instructions: The instructions provided in the worksheet are utilized to guide students through analyzing Kim Kardashian's daily routine. By following the text, students can answer questions related to her morning schedule, exercise habits, family time, and daily tasks. The instructions prompt students to reflect on Kim Kardashian's work ethic and daily routine, encouraging them to think critically about time management and self-care.

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Kim Kardashian: daily routine
Kim Kardashian: daily routine

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