This - That

Age: 8-16
Level: Primary
Language: English (en)
ID: 734148
Country code: PE
Country: Peru
School subject: English language (1061957)
Main content: Demonstrative pronouns (2010900)
From worksheet author:

A worksheet to practice grammar

Other contents:
Worksheet description:
Objective Explanation:
The primary objective of this worksheet is to help students understand and practice demonstrative pronouns in the English language. By engaging with pictures and words, students will enhance their ability to correctly identify and use words like "this" and "that" in various contexts.

Content Overview:
The worksheet focuses on demonstrative pronouns such as "this" and "that" through visual aids and word matching exercises. Students will drag the correct word to each picture depicting common objects, as well as choose the correct option to describe a given picture. This hands-on approach aims to reinforce the understanding of demonstrative pronouns in a practical and engaging manner.

Language and Educational Level Context:
Designed for students learning English as a second language, this worksheet is suitable for beginner to intermediate levels. The content is structured to provide foundational knowledge of demonstrative pronouns, making it accessible and interactive for students who are building their language skills.

Subject Relevance:
This worksheet is directly aligned with the English language curriculum, specifically focusing on demonstrative pronouns. By practicing with visual cues and word choices, students can strengthen their grasp of how to use "this" and "that" in different situations. This knowledge is essential for effective communication and language proficiency.

The instruction text "Drag the correct word to each picture" guides students on how to match words with corresponding images, reinforcing the concept of demonstrative pronouns through visual association. Additionally, the instruction to "Choose the correct option" challenges students to apply their understanding of demonstrative pronouns in descriptive sentences, encouraging critical thinking and language usage. This hands-on approach to learning promotes active engagement and retention of the lesson content.

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This - That
This - That

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