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Answer questions messed up

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United States

The response I received from your support is just unbelievable! I provided links and screenshots, explained the issue in detail, and received just an automotive response that I needed to read the instructions on merging my worksheets from the old website! This issue occurs with the worksheets created on the new website and has nothing to do with merging. This issue has been reported several times, and till now, it seems that nobody from your tech support knows what to do and how to fix it. Isn't that ridiculous?

This type of activity is entirely useless. It is embarrassing when the students tell you that they cannot complete this assignment because the boxes are all over the place.


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LW Support - Ingrid

United States

Hi - I'm so sorry you did not see the personal message that I sent you regarding this issue asking for some more clarification. You are also right...we do have an auto response that is sent to people who email us for the first time. Please ignore that message and read the one I sent. I'd be happy to resend if you did not find it. Thank you so much! Ingrid