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New Feature Release: Bulk Student Addition Simplified!

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Greg (admin)

United States

We are thrilled to announce the enhancement of our student addition feature. Managing multiple students has never been this effortless. Here’s what’s new:

Bulk Addition 📚

You can now easily add up to 30 students in one go! Our improved, user-friendly form streamlines the process, making it quicker and more efficient.

Automated Password Generation 🔐

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating individual passwords. Our new password generator automates this task, creating secure, 10-character passwords for each student.

Print or Download Student Lists 🖨️

For better accessibility and convenience, you now have the option to print or download the list of added students. This makes distributing the details to the students a breeze.


To access the feature from "All Students" page click "Create multiple new student accounts"

Or go directly to:


Try it out and let us know what you think!



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The idea is great but 2 things are missing in my opinion:
1) The "Full name" field. (As there is no possibility to add the student's full name, a teacher still has to go to the "All Students" page; open and edit EVERY single student's account one by one by adding their names and afterwards fill in the downloaded CSV file or printed pdf with the ss full names if they want to keep all their ss' log-in credentials in one place. P.S. Of course, I understand that a teacher can give out usernames and passwords and ask ss to add their names to their profiles on their own but it is not convenient in all cases.)
2) The Warning message telling us that downloading CSV or printing data is possible ONLY BEFORE we have closed that page. If a teacher doesn't know that and has missed the option, they have lost the opportunity to save ss' usernames & passwords in a CSV file or print them out.

I also think that it would be helpful if, on the same page, we could put our students in their group(s).

Thank you for your hard work, asking for our thoughts and listening to our requests.

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Greg (admin)

United States

@kohai, We tried to keep this form as short as possible, without ability to print personal data, but on the second though Full Name field will be useful, and teachers can can decide on the level of security they are comfortable with. Thank you for your feedback! BTW. For security reason we don't store this data so list is gone at next page refresh.