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Release Update: Enhanced Grading Functionality for a Better User Experience!

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Greg (admin)

United States

Dear LW Community,


We are pleased to introduce a significant update designed to elevate your experience with our grading functionality! This release aimed to improve both the teacher and student interfaces on the workbook pages and notification section, introducing several new features, fixes, and enhancements to streamline interactions and usage.


New Features and Enhancements


Enhanced Sliders:

    • Active and Hover States: For improved visibility and user experience, we have added active and hover states to sliders on the student workbook page.


Improved Teacher View



Change Log: A change log has been incorporated on the student workbook page, allowing teachers to monitor alterations easily.

  • Save for Later Icon: A “Save for Later” icon has been integrated into the slider.
  • Conditional Grade Field: The grades field will be concealed if there is no content in the slider, avoiding unnecessary clutter.


Enhanced Notifications


    • Categorical Notifications: Every notification now comes categorized, each with a corresponding color for distinct identification.
    • Inclusive Notification Information: Notifications for workbooks, saved workbooks, and homework persist grade and worksheet information.
    • Link and Grade Display: Workbooks without a cover will display link and grade, offering instant access to essential details.


Bug Fixes

  2. Stable Grade Alterations: Resolved an issue where changing a grade in one workbook inadvertently altered all worksheets with that grade.
  4. Cron Bug Fix: Addressed a bug where cron unintentionally deleted all remaining grades in the workbook when checking if homework had expired.
  6. Fixed ‘Save for Later’ Feature: Resolved the glitches with the ‘Save for Later’ feature, ensuring smooth saving processes and accurate notifications.
  8. Standardized Download Function: The function for downloading worksheets and notebooks has been standardized for consistent user experiences.
  10. Enhanced Student Feedback:
    • Rectified the success message display after saving for later or clicking "Finish" to provide clear and correct feedback.


Please feel free to share your feedback and insights, as your input is invaluable in our ongoing development.


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I would like to thank teachers all over the world.

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Dear Admin,

I can't see the correct answers of the tasks. My students can't see them too. It's really problematic and frustrating. Is it possible to do something with that? In the notifications I can only see a grade but not the right answer of the task. It's only right or wrong without correct answer.