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Release Update: Increased Active Session Limit (Release Completed)

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Greg (admin)

United States

Dear LW Community,


We are thrilled to announce an important update that we believe will enhance your experience with our platform. In response to your valuable feedback, we have relaxed the active session limit.


Effective immediately, each user can now have up to 3 active sessions.

This change should significantly improve your flexibility, especially when running exercises on multiple devices. We understand how essential it is to have the ability to access your work from various platforms, and we are confident that this update will help facilitate that.


We highly encourage you to share your thoughts on this change. 

Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and we are committed to continually adapting our platform to meet your needs.


Please feel free to leave your comments below, or contact our support team directly if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for being a vital part of the LW community. We are dedicated to making this platform better for you every day.

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Zoya Ladyzhenko


Thank you so much! It works from my side

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Thanks. It works like in good old times. (I usually use 2 computers at once)
Now, I hope the problems of wrong/right and grades in pupils' SEND TO THE TEACHER option and showing the correct answers in received answers will be the next to resolve.