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Live worksheets  > Italian

Italian worksheets and online exercises
    Language: Italian    

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Interactive worksheet He - she - it
He - she - it
Grade/level: Primaria
by maestrafiffia

Interactive worksheet Le frazioni
Le frazioni
Grade/level: 3
by angeladr

Interactive worksheet Farm animals: what colour is it?
Farm animals: what colour is it?
Grade/level: BASE
by GiorgiaB

Interactive worksheet Pixel art-sole
Pixel art-sole
by MaestraGiorgia

Interactive worksheet Forma le frasi
Forma le frasi
Grade/level: primaria
by EdoAntonino1980

Interactive worksheet Sudoku
Grade/level: classe prima
by Durante47

Interactive worksheet Conta gli euro
Conta gli euro
Grade/level: 1
by alessandrapaiotta

Interactive worksheet Articoli determinativi
Articoli determinativi
Grade/level: PRIMARIA

Interactive worksheet Frazioni complementari
Frazioni complementari
Grade/level: 4 primaria
by maestrateresac

Interactive worksheet Pixel robot
Pixel robot
Grade/level: Scuolal dell'infanzia
by luciana_paglia

Interactive worksheet Indovina la sillaba giusta
Indovina la sillaba giusta
Grade/level: primaria
by paolademarco

Interactive worksheet Ripasso  le  frazioni
Ripasso le frazioni
Grade/level: 3 primaria
by flopi1

Interactive worksheet Addizioni e sottrazioni
Addizioni e sottrazioni
Grade/level: Classe 3
by flopi1

Interactive worksheet Medir con el transportador
Medir con el transportador
Grade/level: Quinto de Primaria
by ElisaMoral

Interactive worksheet Risolvi i problemi
Risolvi i problemi
Grade/level: primary
by Giuliafranzino

Interactive worksheet Euro
Grade/level: elementari
by ARIEL90

Interactive worksheet Scegli la frazione giusta
Scegli la frazione giusta
Grade/level: primaria
by claudiavillar

Interactive worksheet His name - her name
His name - her name
Grade/level: Primaria
by maestrafiffia

Interactive worksheet comprensione del testo le galline dei nonni
comprensione del testo le galline dei nonni
Grade/level: scuola primaria
by maestraAdele

Interactive worksheet Sequenze di numeri
Sequenze di numeri
Grade/level: scuola primaria
by Maestra_Roberta

Interactive worksheet Sintagmi e soggetto
Sintagmi e soggetto
Grade/level: Scuola primaria
by PaolaCapo

Interactive worksheet Vero o falso?
Vero o falso?
Grade/level: prima classe
by Straudimg

Interactive worksheet GLI ARTICOLO
Grade/level: PRIMARIA
by MaestraAlice

Interactive worksheet Giochiamo con il reticolo
Giochiamo con il reticolo
Grade/level: Scuola Primaria
by gianlucagiunta



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