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Live worksheets  > Esperanto

Esperanto worksheets and online exercises
    Language: Esperanto    

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Interactive worksheet El cos humà
El cos humà
Grade/level: 1º PRIMARIA
by Veroni

Interactive worksheet Song - She's the one
Song - She's the one
Grade/level: elementary
by skylinehomework

Interactive worksheet Nivel A2.1 Sem 7
Nivel A2.1 Sem 7
Grade/level: jhgjg
by LaraGurelll

Interactive worksheet Idioms with get
Idioms with get
Grade/level: intermediate
by mkirksey

Interactive worksheet Pretérito Imperfecto de indicativo
Pretérito Imperfecto de indicativo
Grade/level: Intermediario
by MaestraSoardi

Interactive worksheet Numeración. Diagnóstico. 7.1
Numeración. Diagnóstico. 7.1
Grade/level: Nivel medio
by Yoan07

Interactive worksheet Ortografía: Uso de la B
Ortografía: Uso de la B
Grade/level: Cuarto de Primaria
by ruthsouto

Interactive worksheet Aprende partes del cuerpo
Aprende partes del cuerpo
Grade/level: primer año
by fatimasalas

Interactive worksheet palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas
palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas
Grade/level: 2° primaria
by LicLourdes

Interactive worksheet Patrimonio territorial de america
Patrimonio territorial de america
Grade/level: 8VO

Interactive worksheet To be going to
To be going to
Grade/level: Form 4
by olharomanivna

Interactive worksheet Africanos en America
Africanos en America
Grade/level: 5
by rbomaestra

Interactive worksheet Nivel A2.1 sem 6
Nivel A2.1 sem 6
Grade/level: espanol
by LaraGurelll

Interactive worksheet 1e36
Grade/level: gfgbfd g
by iiSA2020

Interactive worksheet Sopa de letras -X-
Sopa de letras -X-
Grade/level: Primer Grado
by VR_rosaisabel

Interactive worksheet 벚꽃
Grade/level: 4
by EmilyYMP

Interactive worksheet Reported speech
Reported speech
Grade/level: Intermediate
by Ludmila_Gisca

Interactive worksheet Unit 8 Yello Book
Unit 8 Yello Book
Grade/level: Advanced
by Krasnohira


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