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Live worksheets  > English  > Social Studies

Social Studies worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: Social Studies    

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Interactive worksheet Continents and Oceans G1
Continents and Oceans G1
Grade/level: Grade 1
by biffig1

Interactive worksheet Cardinal and Intermediate Directions
Cardinal and Intermediate Directions
Grade/level: ESOL
by RyseRK

Interactive worksheet Map- Cardinal directions
Map- Cardinal directions
Grade/level: 2
by marilyn1510

Interactive worksheet Map of the bahamas
Map of the bahamas
Grade/level: 4-6

Interactive worksheet Goods and Services
Goods and Services
Grade/level: 2nd grade
by ritavillagomez

Interactive worksheet What are Resources?
What are Resources?
Grade/level: 6
by hnry_mccy

Interactive worksheet Needs and Wants
Needs and Wants
Grade/level: 1
by Darisha

Interactive worksheet What's the weather
What's the weather
Grade/level: infant year one
by Hagd123

Interactive worksheet Memorial day
Memorial day
Grade/level: 3RD
by 3TeacherJenny

Interactive worksheet Democracy vocabulary
Democracy vocabulary
Grade/level: 9th
by TamarDuran

Interactive worksheet Map (community)
Map (community)
Grade/level: 2
by Anisha09

Interactive worksheet Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate
Grade/level: 4
by Seymour242

Interactive worksheet Natural Resources
Natural Resources
Grade/level: elementary
by cynthiasmith

Interactive worksheet Being a Good Citizen
Being a Good Citizen
Grade/level: 3rd Grade
by arabellagtz

Interactive worksheet Map Skills III
Map Skills III
Grade/level: Grade 6 - 9
by The_Dean

Interactive worksheet Weather Tools
Weather Tools
Grade/level: 4
by Waynettejade

Interactive worksheet Eight Point Compass
Eight Point Compass
Grade/level: 4-5

Interactive worksheet Continents and Oceans
Continents and Oceans
Grade/level: Grade 5
by H_F_Shihan2

Interactive worksheet Social Studies Quiz Grade 5
Social Studies Quiz Grade 5
Grade/level: 5
by Christal

Interactive worksheet European countries
European countries
Grade/level: GRADE 3

Interactive worksheet Symbols of Our Nation
Symbols of Our Nation
Grade/level: 3
by Gierszewski

Interactive worksheet Trash receptacles, recycle
Trash receptacles, recycle
Grade/level: K3
by bellezaragoza

Interactive worksheet Map Skills II
Map Skills II
Grade/level: Grade 5 -9
by The_Dean

Interactive worksheet Community Helpers
Community Helpers
Grade/level: 1
by perkinsj



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