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Live worksheets  > English  > Social Science

Social Science worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: Social Science    

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Interactive worksheet The Solar System
The Solar System
Grade/level: Grade 3
by cpermitg3b

Interactive worksheet The Planets
The Planets
Grade/level: Transition
by zayecorrea

Interactive worksheet Job occupation
Job occupation
Grade/level: 1st grade
by CristinaSuarez

Interactive worksheet The seven continents
The seven continents
by Teacher_Arturo

Interactive worksheet Unit 5: Our Universe
Unit 5: Our Universe
Grade/level: segundo de primaria
by MissLauraMoynihan

Interactive worksheet The solar system
The solar system
Grade/level: GRADE 2
by silhergo

Interactive worksheet Water Pollution
Water Pollution
Grade/level: 4
by Im_teacher_Inma

Interactive worksheet Water vapour
Water vapour
Grade/level: Grade 2
by Elisabeth8

Interactive worksheet Population
Grade/level: grade 5
by teacher_vir

Interactive worksheet The water cycle
The water cycle
by serenado

Interactive worksheet Transportation
Grade/level: Kg2
by Nouratabbakh

Interactive worksheet Types of Maps
Types of Maps
Grade/level: Tercero de Primaria
by LaTeacherAlex

Interactive worksheet Earth's layers
Earth's layers
Grade/level: GRADE 2

Interactive worksheet Sequencing Hand Washing
Sequencing Hand Washing
Grade/level: Primary
by heatherwasil

Interactive worksheet Industrial and French Revolutions
Industrial and French Revolutions
Grade/level: Grade 5-6
by Carly

Interactive worksheet The Movement of the Earth and the Moon
The Movement of the Earth and the Moon
Grade/level: Sexto de Primaria
by JessicaMc

Interactive worksheet Climates on the earth
Climates on the earth
by CharoMG

Interactive worksheet Parts of a Map
Parts of a Map
Grade/level: Tercero de Primaria
by LaTeacherAlex

Interactive worksheet Physical map of Europe
Physical map of Europe
Grade/level: Grade 6
by Elisabeth8

Interactive worksheet Movements of the Earth.
Movements of the Earth.
Grade/level: year 5
by sarahprofeingles

Interactive worksheet Needs and Wants
Needs and Wants
Grade/level: Grade 1
by MrsForbes1

Interactive worksheet Means of communication
Means of communication
Grade/level: Segundo de Primaria
by primeroprimarialaulhe

Interactive worksheet The Universe
The Universe
Grade/level: grade 5
by sarahprofeingles

Interactive worksheet Weacher wordsearch
Weacher wordsearch
by RaquelinesCalcetines



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