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Live worksheets  > English  > English language  > Descriptive texts

Descriptive texts worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English language    

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Interactive worksheet Describe the photo
Describe the photo
Grade/level: pre-preliminary
by annakuliga

Interactive worksheet Describing animals
Describing animals
Grade/level: 5
by anaant85

Interactive worksheet Describing People's appearance
Describing People's appearance
Grade/level: VII Junior High School
by achmaseptikumala3

Interactive worksheet Descritptive Text
Descritptive Text
Grade/level: senior high school grade 10
by Tania1902

Interactive worksheet Open answer questions
Open answer questions
Grade/level: Grade 7
by theresia_sherina18

Interactive worksheet Descriptive writing
Descriptive writing
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by spacemeow

Interactive worksheet Exercise Descriptive Text
Exercise Descriptive Text
Grade/level: XII
by evisetya

Interactive worksheet Setting the Scene
Setting the Scene
Grade/level: year 3
by Cazobi

Interactive worksheet Alcohol and food
Alcohol and food
Grade/level: 11
by Larisa16

Interactive worksheet A clever baby
A clever baby
Grade/level: 4
by toqama

Interactive worksheet Precious Creatures
Precious Creatures
Grade/level: grade3
by leesiewwan77

Interactive worksheet Identifying Information
Identifying Information
Grade/level: Adolesctents 2 - Elementary
by AgustinaAguaysol

Interactive worksheet Week 26 - Wednesday - English
Week 26 - Wednesday - English
Grade/level: Core 4
by JnrGraduatesTeacher

Interactive worksheet My room
My room
Grade/level: GRADE 8
by 3nglishYP17

Interactive worksheet Writing animals
Writing animals
Grade/level: Grade 1-3
by vanesamurias

Interactive worksheet Choose the correct sentence.               Prepared By: Teacher Gayu
Choose the correct sentence. Prepared By: Teacher Gayu
Grade/level: Grade 2
by JBD1010

Interactive worksheet Evaluasi test
Evaluasi test
Grade/level: X
by AliminArianto

Interactive worksheet Pokemon
Grade/level: tercero de primaria
by bangulo

Interactive worksheet Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Grade/level: 6
by norharni

Interactive worksheet School subject
School subject
Grade/level: quinto

Interactive worksheet Custards and creams
Custards and creams
Grade/level: 11
by Larisa16

Interactive worksheet Writing Descriptive Text
Writing Descriptive Text
Grade/level: Junior Hight School
by tataring88

Interactive worksheet Decorations
Grade/level: 11
by Larisa16



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