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Live worksheets > English > English as a Second Language (ESL) > Giving directions > Giving Directions

Giving Directions
Different ways of asking for and giving directions in the city. Students have to match the questions with the answers (join with arrows).

ID: 551
Language: English
School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
Age: 10+
Main content: Giving directions
Other contents: asking for directions, places in the city, places in town
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 Saved paper: 2536 sheets
 Average marks: 6/10
 Best marks: 10/10.

Copyright 2/24/2017 Víctor Gayol. Publication or redistribution of any part of this document is forbidden without authorization of the copyright owner.




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Everlasting  2/25/2017  
Great job Victor...Thank you so much
kohai  2/25/2017  
Thank you for one more wonderful worksheet!
laura63  2/25/2017  
pmca  2/25/2017  
Thank you
Romana  3/5/2017  
Thanks a lot!
giovanna  4/27/2017  
thanks alot for amazing activity
Pat  6/6/2017  
Thanks a bunch! Love it!
nsoguksu  8/21/2017  
That's awesome!Thank you!
claudiaurrutia  9/30/2017  
This is great, thank you!
7teacher  10/8/2017  
awesome!thanks so much!
lasja2  11/8/2017  
That's amazing! Thank you very much! My students liked it.
tdemirezen  12/6/2017  
Thanks a lot!!!
cristinavalles  1/13/2018  
Awesome!Thank so much for sharing it.
gunduanil17  1/14/2018  
Great work
KatjaBo  3/24/2018  
Great! Thank you!
nishakhaldoon  3/25/2018  
aremj  4/18/2018  
This is a wonderful worksheet... thanks a lot...
giraud  4/29/2018  
thank you !
jamteacher  5/20/2018  
Great activity. Do you have the answers?
ionish  5/23/2018  
thanks a lot!
vladgorgi  6/9/2018  
Thank you!
faticamcar  6/17/2018  
Marlene8  7/10/2018  
Excellent work!
teachercostarica  8/8/2018  
excellent job and wonderful worksheet
matiblue  8/22/2018  
thanks a lot
Adamafrixal  8/27/2018  
thank you very much
Gimnisa  9/9/2018  
from Thailand. Thank you so much, this is very help me to teach my students
jotav  9/18/2018  
One of the best exercises of its kind. Well done!
gulsahgunes  10/16/2018  
thanks a lot!
ESMA46  10/26/2018  
Thanks for your efforts and sharing:)
Alla_Badanina  1/25/2019  
Thanks a lot! Very useful
Sasti  2/19/2019  
What a great job!
DIDIsan  2/28/2019  
ok} it is good
Maximillion168  3/5/2019  
Thank you so much. It's so great!
Maximillion168  3/30/2019  
Thank you so much. It's so great!
morenopalomares  6/6/2019  
Thanks a lot.
huyentrang107  6/9/2019  
thank you so much. Love it
Cariboo  6/15/2019  
Great ws thanks !
isabelh76  8/14/2019  
Great ! Thank you
kamonchat  9/5/2019  
Thank you so much
juanprofesoreoi  11/10/2019  
Way to go Víctor. In two words: im pressive

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