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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Expressing opinions

Expressing opinions worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet Agreeing-disagreeing-opinion
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by Anldrk

Interactive worksheet Language functions - opinions
Language functions - opinions
Grade/level: elementary, pre-intermediate
by anmafan

Interactive worksheet Art
Grade/level: 5th Intensive
by Cristti77

Interactive worksheet (Class 5-2020) Minimalism
(Class 5-2020) Minimalism
Grade/level: Pre-intermidiate
by carolineluly

Interactive worksheet Oreo
Grade/level: 10
by livschneider

Interactive worksheet Expressing Opinions
Expressing Opinions
Grade/level: B1
by farfour

Interactive worksheet Opinion paragraph organizer
Opinion paragraph organizer
Grade/level: 3 to 6
by Omnya

Interactive worksheet Tv programmes
Tv programmes
Grade/level: 6th grade
by Forqueta

Interactive worksheet Otherside
Grade/level: 1
by stiven97

Interactive worksheet Q3 w1 english
Q3 w1 english
Grade/level: 6
by jennybeltejar

Interactive worksheet Unit 2 - B2
Unit 2 - B2
Grade/level: B1/B2
by agostav

Interactive worksheet Opinions
Grade/level: Segundo medio
by TeacherNelson

Interactive worksheet Spooks opinion
Spooks opinion
Grade/level: GRADE 6
by ItziarG

Interactive worksheet What about it?
What about it?
Grade/level: 5
by CarlosAVAZQUEZ06

Interactive worksheet Your opinion
Your opinion
Grade/level: GRADE 5
by ItziarG

Interactive worksheet Language of opinion
Language of opinion
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by nassermon

Interactive worksheet Asking and answering for opinions
Asking and answering for opinions
Grade/level: Primary 6th
by TeacherJuliaAlbal

Interactive worksheet G1 l4 l&t1
G1 l4 l&t1
Grade/level: MS 1
by Kristen75

Interactive worksheet Asking for and giving opinions
Asking for and giving opinions
Grade/level: elementary
by Zubris

Interactive worksheet Int5 Giving Opinions
Int5 Giving Opinions
Grade/level: Intermediate
by Carsonss

Interactive worksheet Opinionated Essay
Opinionated Essay
Grade/level: Intermediate
by mohanapriyaa154

Interactive worksheet Pre FCE Opinion essay
Pre FCE Opinion essay
Grade/level: 4
by debbiefinn

Interactive worksheet Opinions
Grade/level: Intermediate
by cescolar

Interactive worksheet Expressing opinions
Expressing opinions
Grade/level: intermediate
by nassermon



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