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Making interactive worksheets is very easy with our
Live Worksheets Maker
Try it now!!


Getting started guide

1. Open the Live Worksheets Maker and upload your worksheet  

2. Draw text boxes on your worksheet  

3. Enter the right answers  

4. Preview your worksheet  

5. Save your worksheet  

6. Share your worksheet  

5b. Discard your worksheet  

More options

7. Drop down select box      (Exercise 2 in this example)

8. Multiple choice exercises      (Exercise 3 in the example)

9. Join with arrows      (Exercise 4 in the example)

10. Drag and drop      (Exercise 5 in the example)

11. Listening exercises      (Exercise 6 in the example)

12. Speaking exercises      (Exercise 7 in the example)

13. Open-answer questions  

14. Add mp3 files  

15. Add youtube videos  

16. Select textboxes  

17. Move textboxes  

18. Resize textboxes  

19. Copy and paste textboxes  

20. Delete textboxes  

21. Undo and redo  

22. Edit textbox style: font, color, border, background...  

Still not clear?
Choose any worksheet from our shared collection and click on "How was it made?".
You'll see it's very easy.




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