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Microphone Issue  by dulaoshichinese  23/08/2017  
Is it just me or there has been some microphone problem recetly? A lot of my students said they are not allowed to use microphone on this website. Most of them use Chrome. I can record a month ago but not now. Victor or anyone?

Starting new goals  by oskar  22/08/2017  
Hi everyone!!
This is a great opportunity for my students to practice more.

Amazing liveworksheets!  by clc1234  22/08/2017  
Thanks to the creator for the amazing and useful website. BTW, where can I find my favorite collections? I saved but I couldn't find them.
  1 answers 

In love with liveworksheets.com  by jecika  07/08/2017  
Hi everyone,
I have just finished transforming one of my printable worksheets into a 'live' worksheet for the first time and I am amazed how simple it was. Thanks a lot Victor for everything you do to make our job easier!
Best wishes to all!
  1 answers 

Doubts  by clareau  14/07/2017  
Heloo. Where can we find a tutorial of this site so we can learn how to use it and explore all the possible options.
  1 answers 

How to check the newest wss?  by kohai  08/07/2017  
If I haven't been on the site for a longer time and want to look through, let's say, last 100 worksheets I find it impossible! When I open the folder "English" and choose the option "Newest first", it shows the first page with 24 newest wss. That's fine. But, when I click on page2, it automatically shows the 2nd page of the most popular wss.
  2 answers 

Grading  by dulaoshi  08/07/2017  
Hi Victor, do you know why students get 9/10 when they got everything right on the test? Thank you.
  1 answers 

Students can't access their accounts  by estherlee76  07/07/2017  
Hi Victor,

I have two students in my G7 Picasso group who can't access their accounts. When they put in their names and password, they just get the same screen again. we've checked the username and password and made sure they were logging in as students but nothing.

Please advise.

  1 answers 

Need some help  by jesus  20/06/2017  
Hi, everybody. If you need some help with your worksheets, just let me know so I can do something for you. Hope we can have contact soon
  2 answers 

Thanks  by jesus  20/06/2017  
Hi Victor, I am Jesus and I am a teacher of different subjects, from English to Calculus and I really like your website. I hope I can make tons of worksheets here. also If there is a way I can help you with your website, worksheets, or something, I would be glad to help. Keep working hard

Fault  by nazianoor  17/06/2017  
Im nazia noor i feel this web site is good but how can i contribute my work is not explain so i fadeup
  1 answers 

How to leave a comment  by estherlee76  15/06/2017  
Hi Victor,

I want to thank the people who are sending in worksheets but I am not sure how to leave a comment. Can you let me know?

  2 answers 

Favourites  by louise101  15/06/2017  
Hi, I just wondered how to view my Favourites? I can only see the tab which says 'add to favourites' or 'remove from favourites', but I can't see a link which lets me view my favourites. Many thanks Louise
  1 answers 

Marking  by arideotti  31/05/2017  
Hello victor! First of all, thanks for this magnific idea!
We are having troubles with marking...it always appears less marks that the ones done well. Eg. In an activity with 10 gaps, the student did 6 right and the mark is 3/10 or 1/10...
Thanks in advance for your help!
  1 answers 

Hi  by lessignori  29/05/2017  
I´m practicing English

Copies  by karagozian  28/05/2017  
What about scanned worksheets. I can see at least two here which undoubtedly come from a textbook. Is that allowed ? How to report them ?
  1 answers 

Check my answers  by estherlee76  08/05/2017  
Hi Victor,

Is there a problem with the "Check My Answers" feature? I just uploaded a new worksheet (Mixed Tenses) and I am trying to make sure I entered the answers correctly but everytime I click on "Check my answers" nothing happens.

  2 answers 

How can we add simple links?  by BruceWinstonNorthWind  07/05/2017  
Hello there!!!
Does anyone know how to add links to other webpages. It should be a problem since you can even embed a video, but I couldn't find a way. This could be great for research... Intuitively I tried the comand link:https://www.google.es
However it didn't work.
Any ideas??
  2 answers 

Some of my students can´t Log in   by teacheralqueria  05/05/2017  
Hello, Victor,

Some of my students can´t log in. I have checked their usernames and passwords. Often after a lesson about being careful with capital letters, spaces, etc. they can log in in front of me. Later, when they try to access the system at home, they are unable to get in again. They come back the next day and their same passwords don't work. This is frustrating for me as well as for them.
Have you got a suggestion that I might with better success? (I have about 55 students in the system and about 30% are experiencing this problem. We love the system for those who can get in, but are frustrated with the small minority.)

Any thoughts you have would be helpful. Thank you. Manuel
  1 answers 

actions verbs  by CMartinez  05/05/2017  

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