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Interactive worksheet Conditional sentences
Conditional sentences
by connieych

Interactive worksheet Comparisons with Scooby Doo
Comparisons with Scooby Doo
by knds

Interactive worksheet Evaluation test
Evaluation test
by clarinha

Interactive worksheet There is a ... - There are ... 2 (Reading)
There is a ... - There are ... 2 (Reading)
by Meri

Interactive worksheet Describing Yourself - Personal Introductions
Describing Yourself - Personal Introductions
by artycraft

Interactive worksheet Articles
by hnanh

Interactive worksheet simple words
simple words
by alenabodnya94

Interactive worksheet Past Simple - video
Past Simple - video
by meadowpoland1

Interactive worksheet abcdef
by alenabodnya94

Interactive worksheet PRESENT PERFECT - present results
PRESENT PERFECT - present results
by loveteaching

Interactive worksheet PAST SIMPLE or PRESENT PERFECT?
by loveteaching

Interactive worksheet Pénzügy - püsz vizsga 2010 október B
Pénzügy - püsz vizsga 2010 október B
by jrenata

Interactive worksheet Pénzügy - püsz vizsga 2010 október A
Pénzügy - püsz vizsga 2010 október A
by jrenata

Interactive worksheet Inversion Conditionals
Inversion Conditionals
by Loreley81

Interactive worksheet Paired conjunctions
Paired conjunctions
by hnanh

Interactive worksheet Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs
Reported Speech: Questions, Commands, Requests - Reporting Verbs
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Word formation
Word formation
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Reported Speech
Reported Speech
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Present simple versus Present continuous
Present simple versus Present continuous
by eugenianeves

Interactive worksheet Entertainment Vocabulary
Entertainment Vocabulary
by anicapetkoska

Interactive worksheet Knowing Better...Anne Frank
Knowing Better...Anne Frank
by book_geek

Interactive worksheet Daily routine
Daily routine
by roneim

Interactive worksheet Gerunds and Infinitives
Gerunds and Infinitives
by paticita

Message board

Favourites  by frances  29/03/2017  
Hi, Victor!
I mark worsheets shared by other teachers as favourites but When I want to use them later I can't find them. Where are they kept or what are I doing wrong?
  1 answers 

Adverbs  by avagab13  27/03/2017  

Remove Button  by hnanh  24/03/2017  
Hi, Victor!
I have a problem removing all the student's worksheets in my email after taking notes that they have done the test. I had to click Remove once for each ws. Is there any other way to quickly remove all the ws?
Thanks for your help!
  2 answers 

I'm confusing!  by hnanh  24/03/2017  
Hi, Victor! I accidentally ran into this page and I was so happy to find a source of online worksheets that i could give my students as self-checking homework.
Lately, I have just been told about englishexercises.org. I also like that page. There seem to be more worksheets in englishexercises.org and the number of students are not limited (right?, or I misunderstood something?). Then, I 've found out you worked for that page, too. Can you tell me the differences between the two? I want to choose a page to settle down with my students. Thanks so much, anyway!
  2 answers 

diagrams on worksheet  by ramya  23/03/2017  
Hi Victor

My warm greetings to you!

May you please guide me how to make a circle for the word and also put a tick mark for an object which is next to a text box. I am preparing worksheets for my students in ms-word and uploading in liveworksheet.com. for example I wanted to circle the word cat. How shall I do it in ms-word or in liveworksheet.com.
I kindly request you to help me on this.

With warm regads,
Ramya Ramakrishnan
  3 answers 

like  by Mirka1986  20/03/2017  

Three way join  by slakshme  20/03/2017  
Hi Victor, I want to create a worksheet with 3-way join. For example, join the letters p - a - t to make the word pat. I am curious to know, because the sample video in the home page that run on top shows joins for begin-began-begun. Kindly help
  2 answers 

Problems uploading a PDF file  by lili62  18/03/2017  
Hi Victor! I'm trying to upload a PDF worksheet with images. When i do it, some images disappear from the document. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you help me? Thanks a lot in advance!!
  1 answers 

Problems uploading a video from youtube  by ileana  24/02/2017  
Hi I am an ESL teacher and I am trying to make an interactive worksheets using a video from YouTube, but for some reason I haven't been able to do it.
  1 answers 

Thank you!  by TeacherDianaRenke  23/02/2017  
What a fabulous site! Thank you!

Thank you  by mvanpraag  20/02/2017  
Thank you so much for this wonderful website.


Wonderful website  by slakshme  20/02/2017  
Awesome! feature rich!!

I need HELP!  by VictoriaB2016  19/02/2017  
Hi Victor, here is the link to my saved worksheet. I followed the instruction in your tutorial. http://www.liveworksheets.com/id/tz478hx I used drop-drag exercise but unrfotunately id doesn't seem to work. Could you have a look at my worksheet and see what I am doing wrong.Thanks inadvance,Victoria
  3 answers 

My workbook  by dreamlsq  18/02/2017  
Hi Victor, please have a look at the 'my workbook' page, it doenst make sense to me why when i select a workbook it show students ..Very complicate, hard to believe it was intent to do that. It should be showing the worksheets in that workbook and maybe after selecting a worksheet inside a workbook then show the students who are using that worksheet...the way its now when you have more students and worksheets in would be crazy to find anything. Cheers
  2 answers 

Question  by Natyk2010  17/02/2017  
Dear, Victor, could you tell me how to find listening material here and if there are any power point presentation, and how can I find them? Thank you in advance, and thank you for what you are doing...
  1 answers 

Favourites  by tepeese  17/02/2017  
I have just discovered this site through eslprintables and I think it's great! However, I have a question and a request:
If I click a worksheet as my favourite, doesn't it get stored anyway to find it more easily next time?

The fact that we have to add the students to a workbook before assigning exercises limits its use (as happens when creating groups in englishexrcises.org) What happens if a student joins the group once it has already started? Wouldn't it be better to create the workbook first, then add students as necessary?
  1 answers 

Utilizar la ficha de otra persona  by paradelm  16/02/2017  
Hola Victor,
gracias por haberme permitido utulizar tu ficha sobre el parentesco. He editado mi ficha y en la descripción he añadido la url de la tuya y también he indicado que me permitías utilizarla.
No sé si si lo he hecho bien???
Enhorabuena por todas tus fichas.

  1 answers 

Just amazing!!!  by lenitazen  16/02/2017  
The best way to share, save paper and improve our worksheets!!! Thank you so much!!!

We have great news in the website!

Now we can register our students, giving them a username and password. When they enter they will find their own interactive workbooks with the worksheets that we selected for them.

First, we have to register our students, by clicking on the link "My students" (at the top of the page).

Second, we have to make our workbooks, by clicking on "My workbooks". For example: "English Grade 4" "Maths Grade 5", etc.

Then, we have to choose our favourite worksheets and click on "Add to my workbooks". Here we will find the option to add it without changes or edit it before.

Finally we have to give our students their username and passwords to enter their workbooks. (You can see the Students Login form here at the top of the main page).

Interactive workbooks will save all the students' answers, and we can check all their results at a glance by clicking on "My students". We can also add notes or comments and even change their marks.

You can register up to 100 students and 10 workbooks.
You can save up to 1000 worksheets for all your students and workbooks. For example: 20 students with 50 worksheets each. If you reach this limit, you have to delete the older worksheets in order to add new ones.
Inactive students' accounts (No log in for a year) will be deleted.

There is also a change: private worksheets won't be deleted automatically after 15 days, but there is a limit of 30 private worksheets per user.

I hope you find this new project as motivating as I do!


  5 answers 

Tenemos una gran novedad en la web.

Ahora es posible registrar a nuestros alumnos, proporcionando a cada uno un nombre de usuario y contraseña. Al entrar, los alumnos encontrarán sus cuadernos interactivos con las fichas que hemos seleccionado para cada uno de ellos.

Lo primero que hay que hacer es registrar a los alumnos, pinchando en el enlace "Mis alumnos" (Parte superior de la página).

En segundo lugar, tenemos pinchar en "Mis cuadernos" para crear nuestros cuadernos interactivos (al menos uno). Por ejemplo: "Inglés 4º de Primaria", "Matemáticas 5º de Primaria", etc.

A continuación tenemos que elegir las fichas que más nos gusten y pinchar en "Añadir a mis cuadernos". Aquí encontraremos la opción de añadirla tal cual o modificarla antes.

Ya sólo nos quedaría darles a nuestros alumnos sus nombres de usuario y contraseñas para que puedan entrar a sus cuadernos (podéis ver el formulario de identificación de alumnos aquí arriba, en la página principal).

Los cuadernos interactivos guardarán todas las respuestas de los alumnos, y nosotros podemos ver sus resultados en cualquier momento pinchando en "Mis alumnos". También podemos añadir notas, comentarios e incluso cambiar la nota.

Se pueden registrar hasta 100 alumnos y 10 cuadernos.
Se pueden guardar un máximo de 1000 fichas en total, para todos nuestros alumnos y cuadernos. Por ejemplo, podemos tener 20 alumnos con 50 fichas cada uno. Una vez alcanzado ese límite, tendríamos que borrar las más antiguas para añadir otras nuevas.
Las cuentas de alumno que permanezcan inactivas durante un año serán eliminadas.

También hay un cambio: las fichas privadas ya no se eliminarán al cabo de 15 días, pero hay un límite de 30 fichas privadas por usuario.

Espero que este nuevo proyecto os resulte tan motivador como a mí!


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