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Welcome to!!!  by victor  13/12/2016
Dear friends,

Welcome to my new website. Here you will find an easy-to-use tool for transforming your worksheeets into interactive online exercises.

These "live worksheets" have lots of advantages:
- You can add sounds and videos.
- You can add speaking exercises (students have to fill them speaking).
- Variety of exercises: multiple choice, join with arrows, drag and drop...
- Instant auto-correction.
- Students can send their answers to their teacher's email, saving paper and time.

You can make interactive worksheets in any language and subject, and you can choose to share them or keep them private, just for your students. (although sharing is much better ;-)
Private worksheets will be deleted 15 days after publication, in order to save server capacity. The same will happen with your students' answers.

Please, take into account that speech synthesis (worksheets that speak) only works in Chrome and Safari, while speech recognition (worksheets that listen) only works in Chrome.
Speech recognition requires also a decent microphone. It works great in smartphones and tablets, and it's very useful to practice pronunciation.

Thanks a lot to all eslprintables members who offered me their worksheets to start this project.

Please, tell me any problem or suggestion that you may have.

All the best to you all!

  11 answers 

Feedback questionaire  by victor  17/01/2017
Dear friends,

I ´ve made a survey to collect users feedback and I ´d love if you could give me a couple of minutes to answer a few questions.

If you ever visited I ´d really appreciate your feedback, even if you didn ´t actually use it. Maybe you found it difficult, not clear, not useful for real teachers ´ life... or you just didn ´t have time to explore the website. In any case I ´d love to know it, to make the necessary improvements.

You can answer the questionnaire here:

Thanks a lot!!

  2 answers 

For breaking the ice on the Message Board ;)  by kohai  12/01/2017
First of all, HUGE THANKS once more for the friendly and well-thought-out tools of the site!!

A QUESTION: Is it normal if an English ws that listens, gives(=writes) the answers in another language, e.g., Russian?

A SUGGESTION: It would be nice to know which languages are available for speech synthesis and speech recognition. Maybe they could be listed in F.A.Q.? (From my experience, it can be rather disappointing if only after the designing and uploading a ws you find out that your language is not available...)

A PROBLEM: Most possibly it is only mine and sb can teach me. I found it rather challenging to solve Drag and Drop ex-es if the place where you have to drop goes out of the PC's screen. (I tried to 'Zoom in' but after zooming in more than 75% the drag option doesn't work.)

A piece of ADVICE (also from my own experience): The paper ws must be perfect before uploading. It's impossible to change a single letter or number in it (except by deleting, correcting and uploading it again).

A REQUEST: If anybody uploads wss here, PLEASE, enter the answers and make them interactive!

Just my OPINION: I have introduced and tried out some of the live wss with a couple of my classes. Everything works as we were told. It's really great to get ss' work already auto-corrected! All those options to see ss' answers sorted by name, by grade and by subject, the same as the ss' mistakes pointed out and the possibility to compare them with the right answers are VERY useful and time saving. Thanks a lot!
  4 answers 

Thanks a million  by karagozian  31/12/2016
I did it !!!!! I made it !!!!
  2 answers 

THANK U  by letizia  30/12/2016
thanks a lot for this new site Victor!

Thank you  by lenkagellnerova  28/12/2016
I´ve never managed to contribute any online exercise to "" I´ve just been able to share some of my worksheets at "". I hope that this website will be easier forme to share some of my worksheets. Thank you for creating this new tool with many possibilities. Lenka

Thank you so much  by sukanya1966  25/12/2016
Your website will help me and my students a lot.

Amazing  by kristine44  23/12/2016
Thanks for this wonderful website.
And thanks for helping.

Bravo!!  by Natyk2010  23/12/2016
Wonderful ideas! Thanks a lot! No further comments! Such a site has been expected for a long time!Congratulations!

Please help me!...  by Hannah  21/12/2016
First I thank you for this fabulous site! I made an interactive worksheet but I couldn't save it, it said 'internal problem'. Could you tell me what I must do? Thank you again in advance.
  1 answers 

congratulations  by hailee  21/12/2016
great job as usual! Thanks a lot!

EXTRAORDINARY!  by LMG  18/12/2016
Awesome project and such a hard job you've done!
You're definitely my inspiration and someone to learn a bunch from. My deepeest congratulations and thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

Thumbs up!  by mada_1  17/12/2016
Impressive! You're a master, dear Victor!
  3 answers 

Thank You !  by lalles  15/12/2016
We're really thankful Victor. You're really making teachers' lives easier with your website.

You are my hero!  by mariaot  14/12/2016
Really wonderful!!!!! Thanks a lot.

Congratulations!  by serene  14/12/2016
Thank you for the new website, Victor! I've just tried it and I think it's awesome. It's very easy to use and I'm sure both teachers and students will find it very useful. Well done!

Great job!!!!!  by inmanena  14/12/2016
Thanks so much !!!! Really thankful for this site. You make my job easier. Hugs

Really great!  by ellakass  13/12/2016
Thank you, Victor! I am so impressed that can't say if there are any problems.I want to enjoy the site first of all.So grateful to you!

Thanks!   by Nadims  13/12/2016
Thanks for making a new website for all the teachers :)

Congrats!  by kissnetothedit  13/12/2016
Thanks a lot dear Victor for your new site! It is awesome! You are a genius! :)
Edit from Hungary

  1 answers 

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