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Live worksheets  > English  > English language  > Past simple

Past simple worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English language    

Order results:

Interactive worksheet Was or were?
Was or were?
Grade/level: Grade 5
by wickeyyy

Interactive worksheet Regular verbs
Regular verbs
Grade/level: 4th grade
by egsuarez

Interactive worksheet Harry Potter Story
Harry Potter Story
Grade/level: Second Grade
by daniela_moran

Interactive worksheet ED endings
ED endings
Grade/level: Level 4-5

Interactive worksheet Was were did
Was were did
Grade/level: 1st
by sunderland

Interactive worksheet Past Simple Tense
Past Simple Tense
Grade/level: Grade 3-5
by MissAmalina

Interactive worksheet Past tense did & didn't
Past tense did & didn't
Grade/level: Grade 3
by AunAun

Interactive worksheet Past simple reading comprehension
Past simple reading comprehension
Grade/level: 5
by yuranymc30

Interactive worksheet Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Grade/level: garde 5
by mlcabral90

Interactive worksheet Revision PAST SIMPLE
Grade/level: 4th KIDS
by VickyBalzarini1

Interactive worksheet Past simple tense
Past simple tense
Grade/level: ELEMENTAL

Interactive worksheet EU4-Unit 5-Skills Time
EU4-Unit 5-Skills Time
Grade/level: 4
by quynhgiang

Interactive worksheet Past tense - listening and writing
Past tense - listening and writing
by Nevenmar

Interactive worksheet Christmas - past simple
Christmas - past simple
Grade/level: 7th
by staffenova

Interactive worksheet Past tense regular verbs
Past tense regular verbs
Grade/level: 8
by rosyvenegas

Interactive worksheet Verbos en pasado
Verbos en pasado
Grade/level: Sexto de primaria
by mydi

Interactive worksheet Past simple
Past simple
Grade/level: 5
by thuydung231095

Interactive worksheet Unit 6 - Test
Unit 6 - Test
Grade/level: Elementary
by haihuyenanh

Interactive worksheet Past simple
Past simple
Grade/level: A1
by YulianaHoyos

Interactive worksheet Past Simple of Irregular verbs 2 (Project 2 - Unit 3C)
Past Simple of Irregular verbs 2 (Project 2 - Unit 3C)
Grade/level: 6
by Leskotova

Interactive worksheet Fun on the weekend
Fun on the weekend
Grade/level: 3-14
by WECAN1_6

Interactive worksheet Final assesment 5°
Final assesment 5°
Grade/level: quinto
by teachersam244

Interactive worksheet Listening - My holidays
Listening - My holidays
Grade/level: Intermediate
by Leonela_Arteaga

Interactive worksheet Past Simple Negative Form
Past Simple Negative Form
Grade/level: Inicial Learners
by Alexander_99



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