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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Adjectives

Adjectives worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet Choose the right adjective
Choose the right adjective
Grade/level: Elementary
by LorenaSoler

Interactive worksheet Adjectives - opposites - wordsearch
Adjectives - opposites - wordsearch
Grade/level: elementary
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Year 1 English Unit 2 Let's Play (Adjectives)
Year 1 English Unit 2 Let's Play (Adjectives)
Grade/level: 1
by KwanHC

Interactive worksheet Adjectives - crosswords
Adjectives - crosswords
Grade/level: Elementary
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Adjectives and adverbs
Adjectives and adverbs
by beatrizcastillo

Interactive worksheet REading comprehension about physical appearance
REading comprehension about physical appearance
Grade/level: beginner
by Aylinalpata

Interactive worksheet Adjective and noun sort
Adjective and noun sort
Grade/level: elementary
by julietabella

Interactive worksheet Opposites
Grade/level: A1 2nd grade
by claudiad2

Interactive worksheet Descriptions: Adjective Order
Descriptions: Adjective Order
Grade/level: 3ro

Interactive worksheet Physical Appearance
Physical Appearance
Grade/level: basic 5
by Keli31

Interactive worksheet -ED -ING adjectives
-ED -ING adjectives
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by apnagata

Interactive worksheet Adjetives 2
Adjetives 2
Grade/level: sexto primaria
by Jaki_gabe

Interactive worksheet -ING and -ED Adjectives
-ING and -ED Adjectives
Grade/level: Grade 4
by teacherchris1983

Interactive worksheet What does he-she look like?
What does he-she look like?
Grade/level: Kids4
by Miss_Andrea

Interactive worksheet Year 5 unit 7: Growing Up
Year 5 unit 7: Growing Up
Grade/level: Year 5
by nurulabdul

Interactive worksheet Personal description
Personal description
Grade/level: starter
by Guillermo_Arg

Interactive worksheet Adjectives
Grade/level: segundo
by Pauely

Interactive worksheet Parts of speech - types of adjectives
Parts of speech - types of adjectives
Grade/level: pre-inermediate
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Big small short long
Big small short long
Grade/level: 2nd grade
by Heida

Interactive worksheet Adjectives with -ed and -ing
Adjectives with -ed and -ing
Grade/level: High-beginning
by mhccesl

Interactive worksheet Adjective with ed-ing
Adjective with ed-ing
Grade/level: 12th
by MyaGaa

Interactive worksheet Unit 7: growing up
Unit 7: growing up
Grade/level: YEAR 5
by Faezatulatiqah

Interactive worksheet Adjectives describing personality
Adjectives describing personality
Grade/level: Grade 8
by Popovici11

Interactive worksheet Personality adjetives 3rd
Personality adjetives 3rd
Grade/level: pre intermediate
by brendaspringfield



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