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Live worksheets  > Italian  > Science

Science worksheets and online exercises
    Language: Italian    Subject: Science    

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Interactive worksheet Animali a 2 zampe e a 4 zampe
Animali a 2 zampe e a 4 zampe
Grade/level: LIVELLO1
by stefy75

Interactive worksheet I viventi e la cellula
I viventi e la cellula
Grade/level: secondary
by ilarialionello

Interactive worksheet Quesiti di Genetica
Quesiti di Genetica
Grade/level: Scuola secondaria primo grado
by danielastroppiana

Interactive worksheet sistema endocrino
sistema endocrino
Grade/level: primaria
by valelogo

Interactive worksheet CLIL - Living Things can..
CLIL - Living Things can..
Grade/level: grade 1
by alessiabaiguera

Interactive worksheet Strati della terra
Strati della terra
Grade/level: Secondaria
by Laurenzia2022

Interactive worksheet La LUCE
Grade/level: up to 5th
by barbar_it

Interactive worksheet Il fagiolo
Il fagiolo
Grade/level: 1
by paolanobili

Interactive worksheet Sistema circolatorio
Sistema circolatorio
Grade/level: primary
by serdel

Interactive worksheet Muffe buone e cattive
Muffe buone e cattive
Grade/level: primary
by classiquarte2021

Interactive worksheet I tessuti muscolari
I tessuti muscolari
Grade/level: Primaria
by MaestraLorena

Interactive worksheet Le fasi del metodo scientifico sperimentale
Le fasi del metodo scientifico sperimentale
Grade/level: 3 primaria
by spini

Interactive worksheet Dalle cellule agli apparati
Dalle cellule agli apparati
Grade/level: Classe quinta primaria
by MaestraLorena

Interactive worksheet Centrale idroelettrica
Centrale idroelettrica
Grade/level: grade 4
by taniac



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