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Live worksheets  > Spanish  > Lengua Castellana  > Fonemas

Fonemas worksheets and online exercises
    Language: Spanish    Subject: Lengua Castellana    

Order results:

Interactive worksheet Fonemas mnd
Fonemas mnd
Grade/level: Segundo de elemental
by Marleyanez

Interactive worksheet Letra H y letra Ch
Letra H y letra Ch
Grade/level: Transición
by gige1989

Interactive worksheet Fonemas
Grade/level: Primero
by Leticia_Espino

Interactive worksheet Letra p
Letra p
Grade/level: Segundo de primaria
by Ximena23

Interactive worksheet Lenguaje
Grade/level: 1
by ArgenisHV

Interactive worksheet El Fonema
El Fonema
Grade/level: Preuniversitario
by Desiree2113

Interactive worksheet Repaso catellano y matematicas
Repaso catellano y matematicas
Grade/level: primer grado
by clasosuley0617

Interactive worksheet Sonido letra inicial
Sonido letra inicial
Grade/level: kinder
by camila_educa

Interactive worksheet Evaluación Final - Primer Grado
Evaluación Final - Primer Grado
Grade/level: Primero
by Sandrith

Interactive worksheet Lengua Oral
Lengua Oral
Grade/level: Inicial
by MajoBarrientos

Interactive worksheet Silaba  gue gui gue
Silaba gue gui gue
Grade/level: primero
by YamileBallen123

Interactive worksheet Sílaba inicial
Sílaba inicial
Grade/level: Primaria
by tmardelVIOLI

Interactive worksheet Sa se si so su
Sa se si so su
Grade/level: PRIMER GRADO
by CeciliaMSavio

Interactive worksheet Prueba de lenguaje
Prueba de lenguaje
Grade/level: 2do
by DannyQuishpe

Interactive worksheet Evaluación quimestral
Evaluación quimestral
Grade/level: SEGUNDO ¨A¨
by jahaira

Interactive worksheet Fonema cl
Fonema cl
Grade/level: segundo
by mariasmaldonado

Interactive worksheet Refuerzo fonema t
Refuerzo fonema t
Grade/level: Primero
by kattytrujillo

Interactive worksheet Dictado con r
Dictado con r
Grade/level: 2do elemental
by Patty_80

Interactive worksheet Prueba diagnostico
Prueba diagnostico
Grade/level: elemental
by cindymaria0

Interactive worksheet Fonema Y
Fonema Y
Grade/level: Segundo de primaria. Elemental
by Vanecampoverde

Interactive worksheet Piar.segundo
Grade/level: segundo primaria
by Georginamariacastellarmartinez

Interactive worksheet Fonema p
Fonema p
Grade/level: preparatoria
by GabrielaNarvaezCumbal

Interactive worksheet C, ch, h
C, ch, h
Grade/level: 2do
by ElizabethGene

Interactive worksheet Fonemas t, n, c, d
Fonemas t, n, c, d
by ProfesoraDianaB



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