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Live worksheets  > English  > Math  > Addition

Addition worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: Math    

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Interactive worksheet 2-digit addition with regrouping
2-digit addition with regrouping
Grade/level: grade 1
by paularocha

Interactive worksheet Count and Add up to 20
Count and Add up to 20
Grade/level: Grade k,1
by tequellarkd

Interactive worksheet Addition up to 10
Addition up to 10
Grade/level: 1st grade
by KGoldman

Interactive worksheet Addition without regrouping
Addition without regrouping
Grade/level: 3rd gr.
by kwittenburg

Interactive worksheet Double digit adding
Double digit adding
Grade/level: Kindergarten
by MsGallardo

Interactive worksheet Super Hero Addition
Super Hero Addition
Grade/level: 1
by billgiese28

Interactive worksheet Use Pictures to Add To
Use Pictures to Add To
Grade/level: First Grade
by Lamamu

Interactive worksheet Adding Doubles
Adding Doubles
Grade/level: Elementary
by Nagina

Interactive worksheet Adding to 10
Adding to 10
Grade/level: Nursery/Reception
by MrsUrban

Interactive worksheet Addition within 10
Addition within 10
Grade/level: Kindergarten
by tranthidiemhuong

Interactive worksheet Addition with regrouping
Addition with regrouping
Grade/level: Grade 2
by halvarado

Interactive worksheet Thanksgiving addition
Thanksgiving addition
Grade/level: k-2
by Charding292

Interactive worksheet Making 10
Making 10
Grade/level: Grade 1
by DomiyFran

Interactive worksheet Picture addition
Picture addition
Grade/level: kindergarten
by m_imran

Interactive worksheet Addition to 10
Addition to 10
Grade/level: Preschool /kindergarden

Interactive worksheet Addition Sums to 12
Addition Sums to 12
Grade/level: 1
by krystynabasara

Interactive worksheet Number Line Adding
Number Line Adding
Grade/level: Elementary
by carterch

Interactive worksheet Math crossrword
Math crossrword
Grade/level: pre-k, class 1
by Princi

Interactive worksheet Addition within 0-10
Addition within 0-10
Grade/level: grade 1
by sumikutty36

Interactive worksheet 4 digit addition & word problems
4 digit addition & word problems
Grade/level: G4-6
by Taliathekitty

Interactive worksheet Adding two digit numbers
Adding two digit numbers
Grade/level: grade 2
by nirmeen90

Interactive worksheet Number line addition
Number line addition
Grade/level: 1
by dceriel

Interactive worksheet Addition
Grade/level: 2

Interactive worksheet Adding 2 digit numbers
Adding 2 digit numbers
Grade/level: 2nd-3rd
by nmdevalla



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