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Live worksheets  > English  > English language  > Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension Interactive worksheets
    Language: English    Subject: English language    

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Interactive worksheet Reading comprehension
Reading comprehension
Grade/level: Beginner
by mshalamanova

Interactive worksheet Wild animals
Wild animals
Grade/level: 3º Primaria
by inmagine

Interactive worksheet Present simple reading
Present simple reading
by Barbara_teacher

Interactive worksheet You are never too late to learn
You are never too late to learn
Grade/level: B1
by Lyussia

Interactive worksheet Legends and myths of Britain
Legends and myths of Britain
Grade/level: B1/B2
by Lyussia

Interactive worksheet The lion and the mouse
The lion and the mouse
Grade/level: elementary
by MissFatii

Interactive worksheet Text about London
Text about London
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by OstaninaAV

Interactive worksheet Hamburgers
Grade/level: A1-A2
by Evzhenia

Interactive worksheet ROSA PARKS
Grade/level: A2
by milicdusica1

Interactive worksheet Present Simple worksheets
Present Simple worksheets
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by OrlovaElena

Interactive worksheet Reading Comprehension- Fiction
Reading Comprehension- Fiction
Grade/level: Grade 2
by Ummehani

Interactive worksheet Sydney-Australia timeline
Sydney-Australia timeline
Grade/level: 5º/6º
by Jessteacher

Interactive worksheet Mid term test Reading Ket
Mid term test Reading Ket
Grade/level: Key
by aleneirotti

Interactive worksheet The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by mariaflor

Interactive worksheet At the lesson
At the lesson
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by AnnaSeleznyova

Interactive worksheet Text evidence
Text evidence
Grade/level: 3
by ummukulzum

Interactive worksheet Coronavirus
Grade/level: Primaria
by TeacherPamela

Interactive worksheet The importance or reading
The importance or reading
Grade/level: A2,B1
by lali04

Interactive worksheet Electronic books Year 5
Electronic books Year 5
Grade/level: Year 5
by rohana71

Interactive worksheet The gruffalo
The gruffalo
Grade/level: grade 3/4
by mariacri

Interactive worksheet Read and answer
Read and answer
Grade/level: segundo primaria
by mines

Interactive worksheet The Cap Seller and the Monkeys
The Cap Seller and the Monkeys
Grade/level: 4/5
by cherryllama

Interactive worksheet Main Idea
Main Idea
Grade/level: Grade 3
by MrsLaidlaw

Interactive worksheet Reading
Grade/level: Grade 4
by mnievesr



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