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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Travelling vocabulary

Travelling vocabulary worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet Travelling
Grade/level: Grade 6, Level A2
by stellagrama

Interactive worksheet Vocabulary Travel items
Vocabulary Travel items
Grade/level: Grade 6
by Londoneye

Interactive worksheet Checking in at the airport
Checking in at the airport
Grade/level: 2º ESO
by yolandag22

Interactive worksheet Vocabulary: Planning a travel
Vocabulary: Planning a travel
Grade/level: Elementary
by MissMariapazHerrera

Interactive worksheet Travel equipment
Travel equipment
Grade/level: elementary
by Zubris

Interactive worksheet Reading Comprehension Travelling
Reading Comprehension Travelling
Grade/level: 6th
by sandrarmaas

Interactive worksheet Travel abroad
Travel abroad
Grade/level: grade 7
by missflorenciateacher

Interactive worksheet Travelling around
Travelling around
Grade/level: ESO. Bachillerato. Adultos
by uxiorizales

Interactive worksheet In the air
In the air
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by SIMAfolkhogskolaENG

Interactive worksheet Travelling
Grade/level: beginner
by Ms_Maria1

Interactive worksheet At the airport
At the airport
Grade/level: intermediate
by SIMAfolkhogskolaENG

Interactive worksheet Traveling Wordsearch
Traveling Wordsearch
Grade/level: Intensive English Course: Intermediate
by FernandaGarcia4

Interactive worksheet Module 6 : Getting Around
Module 6 : Getting Around
Grade/level: Year 4
by Nashiha178

Interactive worksheet Travel English
Travel English
Grade/level: b1
by clasesvirtualesale

Interactive worksheet Trip, journey, tour vocab activities
Trip, journey, tour vocab activities
Grade/level: Pre-Intermediate
by ingward_n

Interactive worksheet Travel light vocabulary
Travel light vocabulary
Grade/level: Elementary
by NievesPrio

Interactive worksheet Famous places
Famous places
Grade/level: 6 grade
by adiaz31

Interactive worksheet Vocabulary in use elementary
Vocabulary in use elementary
Grade/level: elementary
by Ladyirinap

Interactive worksheet 11-8B-travel-listening
Grade/level: 15+
by anelvaler

Interactive worksheet Vocabulary: booking a flight
Vocabulary: booking a flight
Grade/level: Intermediate
by JuanJoseCC

Interactive worksheet Talking about holidays
Talking about holidays
Grade/level: 9th Grade
by pmirandaa

Interactive worksheet Over the Mountains
Over the Mountains
Grade/level: grade2
by leesiewwan77

Interactive worksheet Travel and tourism
Travel and tourism
Grade/level: 10
by vikulja

Interactive worksheet Travelling
Grade/level: 4
by ivankai



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