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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Travel and tourism

Travel and tourism Interactive worksheets
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet Holidays listening
Holidays listening
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Reading comprehension ecotourism
Reading comprehension ecotourism
Grade/level: 9th pre-intermediate
by 28macosta

Interactive worksheet Air travel Pros and cons
Air travel Pros and cons
Grade/level: А2
by juliakosenkova

Interactive worksheet Travel Items 1
Travel Items 1
Grade/level: 3rd ESO
by mcf

Interactive worksheet Listening exam -1 3rd term
Listening exam -1 3rd term
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by 28macosta

Interactive worksheet Travel story
Travel story
Grade/level: Intemediate
by 28macosta

Interactive worksheet Hotel
Grade/level: A-1
by ebert

Interactive worksheet Travelling around
Travelling around
Grade/level: Pre-Intermediate
by robertalabardi

Interactive worksheet Travelling
Grade/level: grade 6
by Astangret

Interactive worksheet Listening Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Grade/level: 6th form
by StephaniaKodric90

Interactive worksheet Holiday types
Holiday types
Grade/level: Intermediate
by MsJudy

Interactive worksheet Booking a hotel room
Booking a hotel room
Grade/level: elementary
by MsJudy

Interactive worksheet Trip
Grade/level: A-2
by ebert

Interactive worksheet Mrs
Grade/level: First year of secondary
by Lhasa

Interactive worksheet Classification of Hotels
Classification of Hotels
Grade/level: 10th
by SergioMendezA

Interactive worksheet Travelling
Grade/level: 6
by busja

Interactive worksheet Travel Arrangements
Travel Arrangements
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by MsJudy

Interactive worksheet Buying a plane ticket
Buying a plane ticket
Grade/level: 8/preinetrmediate
by bjan1

Interactive worksheet Booking a holiday
Booking a holiday
Grade/level: preintermediate
by MsJudy

Interactive worksheet Let's travel-1
Let's travel-1
Grade/level: 3
by dothethinh

Interactive worksheet Travel Quiz-Listening
Travel Quiz-Listening
Grade/level: Grade 2 Elementary
by zamiraig

Interactive worksheet Planning a trip
Planning a trip
Grade/level: 5
by VarvaraAnna

Interactive worksheet Tourist Activities
Tourist Activities
Grade/level: Pre-intermediate
by twerth

Interactive worksheet Air travel vocabulary
Air travel vocabulary
Grade/level: Intermediate
by bektos



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