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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Listening comprehension

Listening comprehension worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet Listening comprehension-Present simple
Listening comprehension-Present simple
Grade/level: Grade 6th
by Merceditas

Interactive worksheet Listening strategies
Listening strategies
Grade/level: Intermediate

Interactive worksheet KET 2020 Test 3 Listening
KET 2020 Test 3 Listening
Grade/level: A2
by paocapote

Interactive worksheet Listening and reading B1
Listening and reading B1
Grade/level: B1/ESO 4
by rarean

Interactive worksheet ''Count On Me'' - Bruno Mars (Lyrics Challenge 3)
''Count On Me'' - Bruno Mars (Lyrics Challenge 3)
Grade/level: Secondary School
by MrNavarro

Interactive worksheet Listening test
Listening test
Grade/level: Starters
by MrsLazcano

Interactive worksheet Marie Curie - listening past simple
Marie Curie - listening past simple
Grade/level: 9
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Ket december 2020
Ket december 2020
Grade/level: KET
by juanmafuente

Interactive worksheet Technology - first and second conditional
Technology - first and second conditional
Grade/level: Intermediate
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Listening: sports and leisure
Listening: sports and leisure
Grade/level: Preintermediate
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Movers: listening test
Movers: listening test
Grade/level: Primary/Movers
by rarean

Interactive worksheet Listening: Harry Potter
Listening: Harry Potter
Grade/level: 5º 6º

Interactive worksheet Albert Einstein biography listening
Albert Einstein biography listening
Grade/level: Basic
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Movers listening test
Movers listening test
Grade/level: Movers/A1/primary
by rarean

Interactive worksheet Movers Listening
Movers Listening
Grade/level: A1
by Tatiana_Borke

Interactive worksheet Daily Routine
Daily Routine
Grade/level: Practica
by hamensa

Interactive worksheet Song worksheet
Song worksheet
Grade/level: 4th juniors
by EvelynLara

Interactive worksheet Sport
Grade/level: 7 Form
by Eryomina

Interactive worksheet Song: Memories - Maroon 5
Song: Memories - Maroon 5
Grade/level: Intermediate Level
by MissLoreL

Interactive worksheet Flyers Listening Practice 5
Flyers Listening Practice 5
Grade/level: Grade 5
by kimquyen85

Interactive worksheet Leisure activities listening
Leisure activities listening
Grade/level: basic
by lorenagarcia

Interactive worksheet Pet listening part 1 (1)
Pet listening part 1 (1)
Grade/level: B1
by dianabraysenglish

Interactive worksheet My daily routine
My daily routine
Grade/level: beginners
by sandrova

Interactive worksheet Listening B1
Listening B1
Grade/level: B1/PET
by rarean



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