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Live worksheets  > English  > English as a Second Language (ESL)  > Introductions

Introductions worksheets and online exercises
    Language: English    Subject: English as a Second Language (ESL)    

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Interactive worksheet All About Me
All About Me
Grade/level: Any
by tooky

Interactive worksheet Greetings and Introductions
Greetings and Introductions
Grade/level: Speaking Club
by AngelyValverdeS

Interactive worksheet Introducing people
Introducing people
Grade/level: A0
by LizbethAlvarez

Interactive worksheet Introducing yourself
Introducing yourself
Grade/level: 6th
by guilhermemuller

Interactive worksheet Introductions - Watching Harry Potter
Introductions - Watching Harry Potter
Grade/level: Beginner
by gabby_hilario

Interactive worksheet English File Elementary 3r Edition. 1A
English File Elementary 3r Edition. 1A
Grade/level: Elementary
by adrian_insaubralde

Interactive worksheet Basic Conversation
Basic Conversation
Grade/level: begginer
by jupaukowski

Interactive worksheet Self Introduction
Self Introduction
Grade/level: X
by MeilinaKhairani

Interactive worksheet Where are you from'
Where are you from'
Grade/level: intro
by JeanClassESL

Interactive worksheet IETLS Writing Task 1-Intro (1-2)
IETLS Writing Task 1-Intro (1-2)
Grade/level: Intermediate
by nganhohoho

Interactive worksheet Welcome Worksheet 1
Welcome Worksheet 1
Grade/level: Grade 2
by Zaius

Interactive worksheet Personal information
Personal information
Grade/level: basic
by AndreaSilva2021

Interactive worksheet Introduce you friend
Introduce you friend
Grade/level: 5
by Liliz97

Interactive worksheet Introducing myself
Introducing myself
Grade/level: Cuarto de primaria
by Belkismp18

Interactive worksheet Lectura comprensiva
Lectura comprensiva
Grade/level: Basic/Beginners
by EmiliaManrique

Interactive worksheet Introductory Dialogues
Introductory Dialogues
Grade/level: Basic
by dianamf

Interactive worksheet Unit 4 How old are you? Lesson 1
Unit 4 How old are you? Lesson 1
Grade/level: Grade 3
by tranthithuly

Interactive worksheet Introductions and personal information
Introductions and personal information
Grade/level: elementary
by inglesrosanavarro

Interactive worksheet Getting to know you
Getting to know you
Grade/level: pre-intermediate
by hubertsitnik

Interactive worksheet English in Action 2: Welcome Unit Pages 2-3
English in Action 2: Welcome Unit Pages 2-3
Grade/level: 1
by rrodriguez426

Interactive worksheet Introduce Lisa
Introduce Lisa
Grade/level: 2
by MrsEnglish

Interactive worksheet Conversation
Grade/level: teens
by Connect

Interactive worksheet Introductions
Grade/level: A1
by nathalia_ugarte

Interactive worksheet Introductions - HW
Introductions - HW
Grade/level: Inicial
by Maysun



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