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Interactive worksheet The canterville ghost part2 and 3

The canterville ghost part2 and 3
by ludmilavizcarra20
Interactive worksheet Listening to a past experience

Listening to a past experience
by sofibiondi
Interactive worksheet Hoja interactiva

Hoja interactiva
by Geydi_Tejada13
Interactive worksheet Activity - 7 for grade 8-

Activity - 7 for grade 8-
by lorenacorreaguzman
Interactive worksheet Grammar

by nohora1
Interactive worksheet Esi

by MARU_sol36
Interactive worksheet Hjvc

by annyime
Interactive worksheet Match Common diseases

Match Common diseases
by TeacherNaty16
Interactive worksheet ¿el sapo es el novio de la rana?

¿el sapo es el novio de la rana?
by Fabianamarella
Interactive worksheet Past Continous

Past Continous
by englishdepartment
Interactive worksheet Match colours

Match colours
by EnglishScienceTeacher
Interactive worksheet Estimar resultados

Estimar resultados
by angie_dibella
Interactive worksheet Separable Phrasal Verbs

Separable Phrasal Verbs
by bassamnaji
Interactive worksheet Same job different routines

Same job different routines
by caroviedma71
Interactive worksheet Family

by busja
Interactive worksheet Ecuaciones de segundo grado

Ecuaciones de segundo grado
by ProfesorAugusto
Interactive worksheet My last holidays

My last holidays
by Zucchella
Interactive worksheet Extra practice 4 form

Extra practice 4 form
by barpagella
Interactive worksheet Yes, it is. no, it isn't.

Yes, it is. no, it isn't.
by pilarvillarreal
Interactive worksheet Where I live

Where I live
by REDmonkey
Interactive worksheet Tablas de multiplicar

Tablas de multiplicar
by Deabrusa
Interactive worksheet Sistemas de Ecuaciones

Sistemas de Ecuaciones
by alerojascastro
Interactive worksheet Professions

by carla2020arg
Interactive worksheet Economia da Europa

Economia da Europa
by VitorSilvestri



Using Images  by eacesol  7/14/2020  
I use images from royalty free sites, show up online as permissions to be reused or free clipart. Is it okay to share worksheets with these images on them?
Email notification  by Larysa_Ruzhytska  7/14/2020  
Hi. Do my registered students receive an email notification after I've assigned a workbook? Thank you for the answer.
Data in excel  by Gauravi  7/14/2020  
Is there any way to get the scores of students in an excel sheet?
Change grading of worksheet  by shivaniroy  7/14/2020  
I am trying to change the marking system/grading of the worksheets made by me. I want to personalise the grading system. Could anyone please help with that?
Change New Me  by Cherylmacalma  7/14/2020  
How can I download my worksheets
Changing user names and passwords of students  by KimKyeongRan  7/14/2020  
Can my students change their user names and passwords after they register?
can not find students  by th990097  7/14/2020  
Dear Sir:
I click "my students",but show empty page, nothing at all(see pic). how can I do ? thanks first!

Код за учениците  by GalinaGadjokova  7/13/2020  
Здравейте, аз съм нова тук и не успявам да намеря информация как точно се създава групата/класа с който споделяш материалите. От къде да взема този код за достъп ,който трябва да дам на учениците? Благодаря предварително.
How to delete a worksheet  by eacesol  7/13/2020  
I have managed (somehow??) to save 2 copies of the same worksheet in my account. How can I delete a copy? Thanks
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