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Interactive worksheet Free time activities - multiple choice
Free time activities - multiple choice
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Weather and Seasons
Weather and Seasons
by mmkalaf

Interactive worksheet Irregular verbs: past simple
Irregular verbs: past simple
by Arantxaleon

Interactive worksheet Irregular verbs: past simple PART 2
Irregular verbs: past simple PART 2
by Arantxaleon

Interactive worksheet Personal Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
by mmkalaf

Interactive worksheet Likes and dislikes
Likes and dislikes
by Cristhyanv

Interactive worksheet Rooms in a house
Rooms in a house
by Arantxaleon

Interactive worksheet Irregular verbs: past simple PART 3
Irregular verbs: past simple PART 3
by Arantxaleon

Interactive worksheet Places
by Ersahin2000

Interactive worksheet “To Be” Practice Worksheet
“To Be” Practice Worksheet
by kelseyhallett

Interactive worksheet Present Simple
Present Simple
by zugarplum

Interactive worksheet Modal Verbs in the Past
Modal Verbs in the Past
by makeover

Interactive worksheet Vocabulary: addiction
Vocabulary: addiction
by makeover

Interactive worksheet Global Trade Words
Global Trade Words
by dkmontgomery

Interactive worksheet Opposite objectives
Opposite objectives
by budaianna

Interactive worksheet Opposite objectives
Opposite objectives
by budaianna

Interactive worksheet Digraphs - sh, ch, th, ph and wh
Digraphs - sh, ch, th, ph and wh
by mada_1

Interactive worksheet Playground. Crossword
Playground. Crossword
by David4

Interactive worksheet Irregular verbs (III)
Irregular verbs (III)
by ignaciotrapero

Interactive worksheet Paisajes
by victor

Interactive worksheet Medication in dentistry
Medication in dentistry
by Cristhyanv

Interactive worksheet Face Washing Sequence
Face Washing Sequence
by dkmontgomery

Interactive worksheet The verb to have
The verb to have
by mashilo27

Interactive worksheet The verb to have in interrogative sentences
The verb to have in interrogative sentences
by mashilo27

Message board

Invite students  by behazs  11/13/2018  
Dear Victor,

I'm new here. I'd like to ask how to invite my students to my workbook.
Thank you for your help.
  1 answers 

It gives an error when checking!  by Elma67  11/12/2018Логика/Логика_rl12078ct

Dear Victor!
I have made a worksheet
gives an error when checking - the program does not correctly consider the correct answers and the wrong answers. For example, when checking the correct answers - 6 - the program writes that they are 3 or 0. Why?
waiting for your help!
  4 answers 

Importing exercises  by Xandra10  11/12/2018  
Dear Victor,
First of all, I'd like to thank you so much for making all those fantastic sites possible and available for us. I've been using eslprintables and for so many years that I cannot imagine myself as a teacher without them.
My question is about importing my old online exercises from to liveworksheets. Is it possible? I know I can make groups and see the students's work there, but I like the opportunity to correct their work and I'm not really crazy about making them all over again.
I'm sorry if this is already a known fact to most of the users.but I've recently started to use this site as the main one.
Thanks again for everything!
  2 answers 

NEW AT liveworksheets  by lostinthedark  11/7/2018  
Hello,this is my first time at this great site. I have registered,password and all. How do I search without having previously marked other members worksheets as favourites or following? When I do a search defining what I am looking for,subject,grade etc, nothing comes up. Thanks
  1 answers 

Ringraziamenti  by LINABATT  11/5/2018  
Grazie ☺️ per questa meravigliosa opportunità. I miei alunni ne sono entusiasti ed io pure. Grazie ancora.
  1 answers 

PROBLEMS WITH MARKS   by Nalda  11/5/2018  
first at all, thank you very much for this great work. I have tried the worksheets with my students today but I don't receive their answers in my workbooks. I have just paid to have more than 100 students and it seems to be accepted but it doesn't work. How can you help me
  2 answers 

problem with "save later"  by gaetanecribier  11/4/2018  
I have managed to create accounts for my students. They can log in correctly but when they want to save for later or click on finish, a circle turns and turns and the procedure never succeeds. They can't validate their work and I can't have access to what they have done. They're using google chrome. Why doesn't it work?
  1 answers 

About join with arrows  by mhweng  11/1/2018  
Thanks for your website and hard work.
While my students were trying to finish the "join with arrows" part on tablets, it didn't work well. (Can't join or unexpected lines appeared and it just stuck there.)
How can I solve this? Thank you!
  1 answers 

Feedback  by monicamcha  10/27/2018  
Hola, lo primero agradecerte Víctor todo lo que te ha currado esta página, estoy empezando a utilizarla con mis alumnos y están encantados.
He leído que se le puede mandar feedbacks a los alumnos, he buscado donde hacerlo pero no doy con ello, me podrías ayudar, gracias???
  2 answers 

question about notifications  by englishbigtime  10/26/2018  
I am so thankful for your website and hard work Victor. I have a question that maybe you can advise me on. A few of my students say they do not get notice from me when I give new homework. How can I resolve this? Thank you once again. Mike
  1 answers 

Grading system  by tundepasztor  10/26/2018  
I forgot about my name?

Tunde Pasztor

Changing grading system  by tundepasztor  10/26/2018  
Dear Victor, May be you have already written about it, is it possible to change the grading system somehow? Because in Hungary we use a 1-5 limit. Could you help me?
Thank you very much for your huge help!!!!!
  1 answers 

Organización de los workbooks  by amargar6  10/25/2018  
Hola Victor
¿Es posible organizar los workbooks en el orden que queramos? No me refiero a las fichas que ponemos dentro si no a los workbooks. Muchas gracias. Enhorabuena por la página web, me encanta.
  1 answers 

New option: word search puzzles  by victor  10/23/2018  
Hi everybody!

There is a new kind of exercise that we can add to our interactive worksheets: the word search puzzles.
You can see an example here:

I've made a video explaining how to make them. It's very easy:

I hope you like this new feature!
  4 answers 

Nueva opción: sopas de letras  by victor  10/23/2018  
Hola a todos!

Os presento una nueva opción que podemos añadir a nuestras fichas interactivas: las sopas de letras. Podéis ver un ejemplo aquí:

Aquí os dejo un vídeo sobre su creación, veréis que es muy sencillo:

Espero que os guste!
  3 answers 

Help  by Maruca  10/22/2018  
The school I work for favours worksheets more than normal good books so I have to find multiple worksheets that I can print Do you think I can find this here?
  1 answers 

Need help  by tundepasztor  10/19/2018  
Dear Victor, Would you help me, how can I save my students' worksheets for the end of a school year, beacuse 14 days are really short period. Is that a way to create an own workbook of their worksheets?
Thanks a lot,
  2 answers 

Fecha de entrega  by jmvvenglish1  10/18/2018  
Hola Victor, te cuento que la hora de entrega de los talleres que se muestra sí coincide con la hora local.
  1 answers 

Feedback error solved  by victor  10/18/2018  
Yesterday I was told about an error that happened when adding some feedback to the students workbooks (underlining, adding comments, etc). Basically, the problem was that the feedback added to one student appeared in all the students with the same workbook.
Now the problem is solved and it's possible to add individualized feedback to the students workbooks. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  1 answers 

Error en el feedback solucionado  by victor  10/18/2018  
Buenos días a todos,

Ayer me comunicaron un error que ocurría al poner feedback a los alumnos en sus cuadernos (con las herramientas que nos permiten subrayar, añadir comentarios, etc.) El problema era que lo que se ponía a un alumno luego se mostraba a todos los alumnos que tenían el mismo cuaderno.
Ahora el problema ya está solucionado y ya es posible poner feedback individualizado a cada alumno. Siento las molestias.

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