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difficulty listening to audios  by dreamlsq  3/21/2018  
Ijust cant seems to figure out why cant i listen to the audio embedded in the worksheets. has anybody come across this problem before? I'm using chrome broswer. Thanks in advance

Moving worksheets between Workbooks  by Masaa  3/21/2018  
Hello Victor,
I just started exploring your site and I'm amazed at the fabulous work you've done. Congratulations on your work! I created a workbook but now I'd like to move some of the worksheets to a more specific grammar workbook. I've already edited a couple of the worksheets and was wondering if it's possible to move them from one workbook to the next. Thanks for all your hard work! ~Marlene

New embedding option  by victor  3/14/2018  
I've just added a new option: now you can embed interactive worksheets in your own website or blog.
You can choose your own worksheets or shared by other users, as long as they are not private worksheets.
Authors may disable this option for their own worksheets, by clicking on "Edit".
Even if you disable this option, you will be able to embed your own worksheets.
Here you can see an example of a blog with embeded worksheets:
  1 answers 

Nueva opción de insertar en blogs  by victor  3/14/2018  
Acabo de añadir una nueva opción: ahora puedes insertar fichas interactivas en tu web o blog.
Se pueden elegir fichas propias o compartidas por otros usuarios, siempre que no sean privadas.
Los autores pueden deshabilitar esta opción para sus fichas pinchando en "editar".
Aunque se deshabilite esta opción, siempre será posible insertar las fichas propias.
Aquí podéis ver un ejemplo de blog con fichas insertadas:

Error adding private worksheets  by victor  3/14/2018  
I've just realised that there was an error when trying to add private worksheets to the new workbooks. I've just solved it.

Reloading worksheet  by Angolinda  3/14/2018  
Dear Victor,
Yesterday there was a very useful option when making an exercise to reload the original worksheet. It has disappeared for now. It would be great help if it were there again. Sometimes you realise that adding some more instructions is needed on a worksheet only when you do the activity online. Could you be so kind as to readd this option. Best regards,
  1 answers 

Respuesta correcta  by karmelegarcia  3/10/2018  
Muchas gracias por tu excelente trabajo.
Una cuestión:¿Existe la posibilidad de que cuando los alumnos realizan una ficha y le dan a la opción de repetir, para mejorar el resultado, no les aparezca la opción de respuesta correcta al pasar el cursor por encima?

  2 answers 

Embedding of worksheets  by weltmaschine  3/9/2018  
Just wanted to know if it's possible to embed Worksheets into a blog or website. I can only find the link.
Would be great if there'd be an embed code added.
  4 answers 

Students score  by cd114707  3/7/2018  
I just tried the website with my students and they love it! However, there seems to be a problem with students score. They are able to answer the worksheet, but when they finish, scores cannot be seen. Any ideas?
  2 answers 

Word square tasks  by owlschool  3/3/2018  
Dear Victor!First of all thank you so much for this great website. I've started to create a worksheet but faced one problem. Is there a way to create word square search exercises. You know a square with lots of letters and you need to find and circle necessary words. It's a very widespread exercise and I wonder if there is a way to do this within your resource. Thanks in advance.
P.S. Maybe there is a full list of commands that can be used while creating worksheets? Would be really useful
  2 answers 

Not available any more?  by asungilsanz  3/3/2018  
Dear Victor! I have just seen that my worksheet Present Simple-Continuous Past Simple- Continuous is not available. Could you check what the problema is? Thanks in advance.
  4 answers 

Can I create a new worksheet based on the existing one   by matejasukic  3/3/2018  
Dear Victor! Is it possible to create a new worksheet by duplicating the old one (my own) and make necessary changes or should I start by uploading the document once again? I would like to change my existing document for my 7th grade students to practice past simple but leave the original document in present simple for my 6th grade students. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5 answers 

No se carga uno de mis Workbooks  by marduan  2/26/2018  
Uno de los workbooks que he creado (llamado 4th grade )no se carga, ¿Qué puedo hacer?
Muchas gracias
  3 answers 

Cómo devolver una ficha mal completada  by GloriaGutierrez  2/26/2018  
Cuando un alumno completa una ficha con mal resultado, ¿cómo podemos devolvérsela a él solo para que la realice de nuevo?
No sé si es posible.
Muchas gracias
  7 answers 

favourites  by mbtomova  2/25/2018  
how to access my favourite worksheets?
  1 answers 

Difficulty assigning workbook to students  by kter7  2/21/2018  
Good evening, Victor! I have finished preparing some worbooks for my students. However, I am having difficulties assinging them to the students. This is the message I receive "There has been an error. Please try again. If the problem continues, please contact us". Please let me know what do do for I am planning to use the books tomorrow. Thank you.
  2 answers 

New Workbook  by frances  2/21/2018  
Hi Victor! I used the site all last year and it was fantastic!!It really worked out, the students loved it and the great miracle with this system was that the studenta each class asked "have we got any homework today?"
My question is: If I change to the new Workbook system do I loose all the students that I had registered last year? Thank you Frances
  1 answers 

How to invite students  by kter7  2/21/2018  
Hi, Victor! I have just discovered your site and I am loving it! I am registering my students but I do not know how to invite them. Please help me so we can start using it soon. My students will love it!
  2 answers 

Ms Ilza  by Ilza  2/20/2018  
Hi Victor, I loved the new version of the website and so did my students. Congrats !!!
I trying to change the grading options but the page does not allow me to save the them. The page does not go up enough for me to click on the button to save. I'm attaching a page print of the error. Thanks!!!

  2 answers 

BIG THANK YOU  by englishbutterflies  2/20/2018  
Hi Victor!
I just wanted to say that this webpage is GREAT! My students love it!!!!!!!! Me too!!!! We are fans of englishexercises too, but this one is much more fun.
Thank you for the big work!!!! Wonderful resource!! :)
  1 answers 

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