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    Send feedback/comments to students

If the students send their work to your mail box, it is not possible to send back any feedback or comments.
If the students do the exercises in their interactive workbooks, you can add your feedback or comments on the exercise, and the students will get a notification (in their students' page when they enter with their username and password, and through email if they have registered their email).

In order to write feedback or comments, follow these steps:

1. Open the student's work.
2. If the page is finished, you can see a grey toolbar at the top, with some buttons: "select", "text", "draw", "line", "rectangle", "circle", "color", "undo", "redo", and "save".
3. Click the "text" button (letter A), and then click on any part of the page to start typing.
4. Click again as many times as you like to add more comments.
5. Use the "select" button (arrow) to select, move, resize, etc.
6. Use the "draw", "line", "circle", "rectangle" buttons to draw or add shapes.
7. Use the "color" button to choose a new color.
8. When you finish, click the "save" button.