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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I use this website if I am a learner?
You can choose any interactive worksheet of the site and enter the answers. Then click FINISH and the worksheet will check your answers automatically. You don't need to register for this.
You can also suggest your teacher to register here and make interactive workbooks your you and your classmates.

How can I use this website if I am a teacher?
You can assign the interactive worksheets to your students for classroom practice, online homework, assessment, etc.
For occasional use, just choose a worksheet and give the link to your students. Tell them to fill the worksheet online. When they finish, they can send their answers to your email (if you are registered in the website).
For regular use, it is much better to make online workbooks for your students. They just have to enter with their username and password and they will find an online workbook with the worksheets that you've chosen for them.
Online workbooks will save all your students' answers, and you can check their results at any moment, add notes, comments, etc.

How do I make interactive workbooks for my students?
It's very easy. First, click on 'My students' (at the top of the page). There you have to register your students and give them a username and password. You can register up to 100 students
Second, click on 'My workbooks' (at the top of the page), and register your workbooks (at least one). For example: 'English - Grade 2', 'English - Grade 3', 'Maths - Grade 2'. You can register up to 10 workbooks
Third, choose a worksheet (made by yourself or shared by other teacher) and click 'Add to my workbooks'. You'll have to choose the workbook and students to add the worksheet.
Add other worksheets whenever you want. There is a limit of 1000 worksheets for all your students and workbooks.
Your students just have to log in with their username and password (they can find the student login form at the main page).

How can I make my own interactive worksheets?
It is very easy with our tool. Basically, you just have to draw textboxes and enter the right answers. To learn more, click on 'Make interactive worksheets' (at the top of the page).

Can I make interactive worksheets in any language?
Yes, you can. Liveworksheets works in any language, although some options (speech synthesis and speech recognition) are not available for all the languages.

Can I make interactive worksheets on any subject?
Yes, you can, as far as it is intended for educational purposes.

Must I share my worksheets with other teachers?
This is optional. Although we would like to promote a sharing community of teachers, you can choose to keep your worksheets private (Only your students can see them). Even then, your worksheet must follow the content limitations described in the terms of use.
In order to save web space, there is a limit of 30 private worksheets.

If I upload my worksheets, what happens with my author rights?
You will always keep your author rights over your work. By uploading it to liveworksheets you are just giving us license to publish it in the website.

My worksheet appears different after uploading. Why?
If you use uncommon fonts, they could not be recognized by the web server. In this case it is recommended to save your document as pdf or jpg before uploading to our website.

i can't upload my document. The website says that it exceeds the size limit. What can I do?
Sometimes Word documents are too heavy because of the images. In youtube you can find good tutorials to compress your images in word.

Can I make open-answer exercises?
Yes, you can. Just add a blank textbox in your worksheet. Of course, auto-correction will not work in this case.

What are the system requirements of this website?
As far as we have tested, liveworksheets works on any computer, tablet or smartphone, with the following limitations:
1. You need a computer with a keyboard and a mouse to make live worksheets (although the students can use tablets or smartphones to fill them)
2. Speech synthesis (worksheets that speak) only work in Google Chrome and Safari (PC, tablet or smartphone), although we expect that other browsers will add this option in the future.
3. Speech recognition (worksheets that listen) only work in Google Chrome (PC or Android), although we expect that other browsers will add this option in the future.
4. It is always advisable to keep your web browser updated. Older versions might not work properly.

My students sent me their answers, but I didn't get any email. Why?
In order to avoid saturation, we only send one email per day. Anyway, you can always check your students' answers by clicking on 

I've seen a copyright violation. What can I do?
Please contact  (In english or spanish language)

How can I cancel my account in the website?
Please contact  (In english or spanish language)







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