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Inserire immagini  by Loretta70  3/28/2020  
come inserire una copertina per le cartelle di lavoro

Accept new students  by kawalter  3/28/2020  
Hello community!
I clicked on "remind me later" at the page after logging in where you can accept new students... and now it never shows this page to me anymore - also not after logging out and in again.
It's also not in the "notifications" section. any idea where to find the list? thanks!!
  1 answers 

diversi docenti con gli stessi alunni  by MaestraPauline  3/28/2020  
Buongiorno, due insegnanti (quindi con due account diversi) possono assegnare dei workbooks allo stesso alunno (registrato con il proprio account)?

Scoring  by OlgaPileckiene  3/28/2020  
Could you explain how is the score counted? I can see that the sheet contains, for example, 20-25 questions. After the work is completed, as a teacher I can see that it was assessed as 5 of 10, or 10 of 10, etc. All sheets have the highest rate 10.

validar a un alumno  by crisvel  3/28/2020  
Buenos días,
He registrado a un alumno y no sale en la lista para poderle asignar cuaderno. ¿Qué puedo hacer?

Print option gone  by douceur  3/28/2020  
Hello, is it no longer possible to print the exercises? That option has been taken off. I teach without internet connection so being able to print is very important.
  1 answers 

consulta  by claudia2020  3/28/2020  
Hola Victor. Soy Claudia de Argentina y encontré tu página de casualidad. Muy útil para mi y mis compañeras de trabajo en este momento tan difícil para todos. Super agradecida. La pregunta es si se puede enviar a los alumnos respuesta o sugerencia de alguna de las fichas que ya completaron y cómo lo hago?

Cómo puedo compartir una página de liveworksheet para tener varios cuadernos de profesores distintos manteniendo la privacidad de los míos
  1 answers 

Contacting a writer  by fflo  3/27/2020  
I would like to know if it is possible to reach a writer because there is a mistake in the worksheet created. Thank you.
  2 answers 

number of students  by sezer38  3/27/2020  
how many students can I add?
  2 answers 

EDIT   by Miss_Romina  3/27/2020  
Hi! Is it possible to edit an existing interactive worksheet?
  1 answers 

google classroom  by diatrop  3/27/2020  
Hi, I am new to this. I posted several assignments to google classroom, but when students complete them and try to submit them, all I see is the blank worksheet

Correction  by Mrscelinegarcia  3/27/2020  
Is it possible for the student to get the right answer not after the 1 attempt but after the 5th that I allowed them to do? or is it a way for them to get the answer after the 5th times. thank you
  1 answers 

Use with Google Classroom  by drodgers  3/27/2020  
Is there a way that if I post a worksheet into Google Classroom that their grade is reported automatically back into Classroom
  1 answers 

Problem commenting copies  by anglaislesfontaines  3/27/2020  
I can't add a comment on my student's copies. When I click on the function "add text note", it doesn't work anymore. Why? I can draw lines and circles but I can't write anything.
  2 answers 

TEACHER  by Ywonne  3/27/2020  
  2 answers 

como compartir cuadernos con colegas sin pertenecer a un cento educativo  by lilihillebrand  3/27/2020  
buenos idas...necesito compartir unas fichas o cuadernos con colegas..pero no contamos con un centro educativo, como podemos hacerlo?. gracias!!!!
  1 answers 

Downloading  by khamies  3/27/2020  
First, thanks a a lot for this helping site which is full of useful and interesting resources. I would like to ask you to activate the option of downloading if it is possible, because I need to download a few resources for my students since it is more practical for them to use the site of the school.
Thanks a lot
  1 answers 

Punteggio della scheda  by Marisca  3/27/2020  
Ciao a tutti! Come posso fare a capire se l'alunno abbia provato a fare la scheda più volte prima di mandarmela o se il risultato ottenuto sia riferito al primo tentativo? Grazie mille!
  1 answers 

Mistakes  by renarde_vie_est_belle  3/27/2020  
Hello! I have a problem with the platform. My students say their answers marked as wrong and the correct answers are the same. Another problem is that I can't see their full answers because the box isn't big enough, so I can assume their answers are correct only because they say so. Is there another way to see their answers?
Can anybody help me?
  1 answers 

Editing a worksheet  by Caren_306  3/27/2020  
How can I edit an interactive worksheet which belong to another member? Is it even possible?
  1 answers 

Crear fichas de más de una página  by Fernandoarroyo  3/27/2020  
Hola, quería saber cómo se crean fichas de más de una página. Hay que cargar más de una imagen? Gracias
  1 answers 

Thank you  by Kim77  3/27/2020  
I appreciate all the effort you put into hosting this website - A BIG THANK YOU! You've made it much easier to organise work in the current situation.
  1 answers 

send worksheet  by valentina22  3/27/2020  
once i have added a worksheet to a group, which is the next step to send a link to my students...
  1 answers 

ERROR: 403.501  by MariaMery  3/27/2020  
Me gustaría saber que significa este error para poder ayudar a un estudiante que no ha podido enviarme el trabajo que ha realizado.
  1 answers 

Част от родителите не могат да изпратят e-mail  by DIvanova  3/27/2020  
Здравейте, част от родителите не могат да ми изпратят работите на децата, защото им изписва, че e-mail не ми е регистриран. Защо?

Approving students's accounts  by Miss_Solana  3/27/2020  
Hello, I've sent the code to my students and they are waiting for my approval but I didn't get any notification and I don't know how to approve them...
  1 answers 

recording feature  by hmaloney1219  3/26/2020  
Hi can someone tell me how to explain to students (and me!) how to use the microphone? I have a string of 10 words for them to record and the microphone keeps blinking even when I press it to stop recording. I did a practice and only my last word got recorded.
  2 answers 

COMPARTIR CENTRO Y PROFESORES  by MontesObarenes  3/26/2020  
He hecho una cuenta a nombre del colegio que he compartido con los profes. Ellos pueden ver mis cuadernos pero yo no puedo ver los suyos... ¿Qué hago mal?
Muchas gracias de antemano.
Un saludo.
  1 answers 

no presentado  by SOLCASAS  3/26/2020  
Hay fichas de mis alumnos que al revisar yo les resultados estan como no presentado y es porque no les deja acceder. Puede ser debido a que yo sin querer les di poco tiempo, y luego al ampliarlo no les dejaba ya entrar??
y otro problema es que a un alumno le aparecen con cero cuando está bien hecho
muchas gracias.
  1 answers 

Как да се свържа  by mmp64  3/26/2020  
Още съм нова и се уча, но много ми харесва. Днес цял ден се опитвам да създам лист, но ми излиза това известие:

ERROR: LOST DATA  by victor  3/26/2020  
There has been an error in the database and I had to restore a backup from two hours before. This means that all the data (worksheets, answers, registrations...) added in the last two hours have been lost. Aproximately from 18:30 to 20:45 today thursday (spanish hour).
I'm very sorry for this. I keep working to make this site more reliable.
  6 answers 

ERROR: DATOS PERDIDOS  by victor  3/26/2020  
Por un error de la base de datos he tenido que restablecer una copia de seguridad de hace unas dos horas. Esto significa que todos los datos (fichas, respuestas, registros...) de las últimas dos horas se han perdido, aproximadamente de las 18:30 a las 20:45 de hoy jueves (hora española).
Siento de veras las molestias causadas. Sigo trabajando para hacer que la plataforma sea más fiable.
  1 answers 

Combining two pages  by AwesomeEnglish  3/26/2020  

Could you help me, please?
Is it possible to somehow combine two pages in my workbook?
Thanks in advance!
  1 answers 

See right answers  by MarjoleindeBoer  3/26/2020  
Is there a way I can easily see the right answers of a worksheet? Right now I also log in as a student to see the right answers. But that's not very convenient..
  1 answers 

puntaje  by Miss_Ana_Laura  3/26/2020  
Buenos días, se puede cambiar el puntaje de las actividades que uno hace?
  2 answers 

Estudiantes que no puden escuchar los "listening"  by Isabelbf  3/26/2020  
En primero lugar, daros la enhorabuena por vuestra magnífica página.

La razón por la que escribo es que algunos estudiantes que tengo asignados a los workbooks aparecen con el sobre amarillo y rojo, esto tiene que ver que no puedan escuchar los listenings?
Muchas gracias.
Un saludo.
  1 answers 

LINGUA USATA   by ANNARUSSO1  3/26/2020  
  1 answers 

hello Hola  by ceciz  3/26/2020  
Hola buenos dias cómo ingreso a editar tu cuenta asi vinculo a mis alumnos con mi email
Gracias Miss Ceci
  1 answers 

Unassign a homework / Remove a pending homework  by CM2LFLP  3/26/2020  
Good afternoon,
First of all Congratulations for the wonderful tool !
I have assigned a homework to my students. it was the first time so they could not all do it. I then discarded the worksheet from the workbook... but the pending homework is still there and I don't know how to remove it...
Any solution ?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

  1 answers 

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