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About this website


Liveworksheets is an educational tool which allows teachers to transform their traditional printable worksheets (in format .doc, pdf, .png or .jpg) into interactive online exercises with self-correction.
These interactive worksheets may include fill-in-the-gaps activities, join with arrows, multiple choice, drag and drop, sounds, videos, listening exercises and even speaking exercises.

Making interactive worksheets is very easy in liveworksheets
Basically, you just have to draw textboxes on the worksheet and enter the right answers on the textboxes. Click here
You can make interactive worksheets for any language and subject.

Liveworksheets also allows you to make interactive workbooks for your students.
First, you have to register your students and give them a username and password. Click here
Second, you have to register your workbooks. For example 'English Grade 3' or 'Maths Grade 4'. Click here
Then you can choose interactive worksheets from our shared collection and add them to your students' interactive workbooks.

You can register up to 100 students and assign them up to 1000 worksheets
For example, if you have 20 students, you can assign 50 worksheets to each student.

Your students' workbooks will save all their answers and your marks and notes
Although most of the worksheets include self-correction, you can also change the marks or add notes on the students' notebooks.

Very useful for online homework or classroom practice
At home or in the classroom, your students just have to enter their username and password and start doing the worksheets that you selected for them.

Meet the needs of individual students
You can add the same worksheets to all your students' workbooks or choose the most suitable for each student.

Assess your students' learning at a glance
You just need one click to see all your students' results and arrange them by level or date.






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